The 7 best champagnes on the market for 2022


Champagne is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, especially when it comes to celebrating something important. An international treaty, a business agreement, a wedding, a christening or Christmas itself: everything is celebrated with champagne and bubbles are synonymous with joy at any gathering.

With the family festivities approaching, we have prepared a selection of the best champagnes on the market, including brands such as Laurent-Perrier Champagne or Moët Chandon. Discover the definitive list to enjoy this Christmas with family, friends or as a couple!

1. Laurent-Perrier

In 1812, Alphonse Pierlot, a former cooper and bottler, settled in Tours-sur-Marne, where he started the first champagne production. He entrusted the business to his cellar master Eugène Laurent, a third-generation member of a family of winegrowers.

He runs the estate with his wife, Mathilde-Emilie Perrier. On Eugène’s death in 1887, his widow Mathilde took control of the estate, associating her maiden name with that of her husband. The Veuve Laurent-Perrier & Cie brand was born. Mathilde succeeded in introducing her products in Great Britain with a success that has lasted to this day. Laurent-Perrier champagne is fine, elegant and extremely pleasant on the palate.

2. Moët Chandon Brut Impérial

Moët & Chandon’s Brut Impérial is one of the icons of the champagne world. Aged for 24 months, it has been around for over a century and a half and is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. It is a vibrant and intense champagne, with citrus and fruit aromas, but also the freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers.

3. Champagne Taittinger Brut Reserve

Made from 40% Chardonnay grapes and 60% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this champagne has been aged for 36 months in the bottle without leaving the cellars. It has fruity aromas and is a harmonious, delicate and subtle champagne, perfect to accompany starters, fish and seafood. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of between 8 and 10 degrees.

4. Cristal Louis Roederer

Another of those iconic champagnes from the northwest of France. It was first produced in 1876 at the request of Tsar Alexander II, and since then it has been passed down from generation to generation, respecting tradition to the present day. A tasty, concentrated champagne with enormous tension and aromatic precision. Its fruity aromas and a hint of the chalky origin of its famous vineyards are noticeable.

5. Dom Perignon Vintage 2010

Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 is the product of one of the best vintages of recent years. It is made exclusively with the best grapes from a single year and, in fact, if they are not of sufficient quality, the winery does not make this impressive champagne. It has been aged for a minimum of eight years in the cellar, making Dom Pérignon the king of luxury par excellence. You can also buy a special Lady Gaga edition with a unique case and do the best pairing with champagne.

6. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Veuve Clicquot, or Widow of Clicquot, is a legendary winery in the Champagne region. Their sparkling wines are as sophisticated as they are exquisite and this yellow label is a great example, intense and pleasant with fruity aromas and a toasty, vanilla note. One of the best non-vintage champagnes you can buy nowadays and you can also buy the Rosé version.

7. MUMM Grand Cordon

Mumm Grand Cordon is a champagne as intense as it is complex, in which the aromas of fresh fruit evolve in the mouth towards a powerful and fresh finish. It is ideal as an aperitif, but also for pairing with foods as diverse as foie gras, scallops, oysters or crab. A sparkling wine aged for 20 months in the bottle that never disappoints.


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