Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Local Car Competitions

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Local Car Competitions (2)

Car lovers worldwide are like-minded individuals who enjoy everything motorsport-related, from revving their engines to upgrading their rims and exhausts. There is absolutely nothing a car lover will not do to be in on the action. One of the best ways for petrolheads to gather is at car competitions. It is an excellent platform for motorsport enthusiasts to show off their modified or stock-standard vehicles —depending on the competition type — and win great prizes. Additionally, there are several types of car competitions, from sound-offs to vintage and everything in between. In this article, we will look at how you can find local car competitions.

Join a Car Club

The easiest way to be part of car competitions in your region is to join a car club. For example, many cities — such as Cape Town in South Africa — have an electric car culture and scene. People from all levels of society come together for one purpose: cars. And usually, car clubs consist of people who all drive the same make and model. A prime example is the iconic Nissan Skyline GTR. Yes, you will quite literally find car clubs dedicated to GTRs. In the UK, it is exactly the same.

And besides what law enforcement may think, car culture is about the cars and the community. For this reason, finding a car group to join is essential. Joining a club means gaining support, advice, and a group of people with similar interests to spend time with.

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Keep Your Eye on Social Media

Many sporting events — especially car competitions — are posted all over social media. This is a suitable place to start if you are struggling to find what you are looking for. Another tip is to follow the social media pages of your favourite car clubs. They, too, share important updates on events. Since social media is immediate, you will have no problem finding a selection of competitions.

Pick up a Magazine

Magazines such as Max Power used to be the best place to keep up with car culture, competitions, and so much more. It was a leading publication in the car scene. Competitor publications, like Car Magazine, did not quite capture the essence of petrol heads in the UK. Unfortunately, Max Power’s popularity dwindled with the introduction of social media, and it sadly closed in 2011. However, there are two notable magazines you can still enjoy today, albeit online: Fast Car and Top Gear, which feature interesting stories about cars.

While Top Gear might not feature local car competitions, Fast Car certainly will. The events section highlights so many local and relevant car shows and competitions you will have a tough time selecting your favourite one. Better yet, just go to all of them. Problem solved.

Motorsport Tracks

The wonderful thing about motorsport venues is that you can enjoy various events — for example, robot-to-robot racing (a type of drag racing in South Africa) and sound-offs. There is also long-form racing where people only race in Fords, Toyotas, and Nissans. The venues also advertise upcoming racing and car competitions with posters on site. Look at the forthcoming events the next time you watch a local race or competition.

Car Meet-Ups

Car people love to meet up and show off their latest upgrades — even if it is just to have a chat. One way to do this is through a breakfast run. Now, what is a breakfast run? It is when a car club where individuals who drive the same model or the same car brand go for a drive in the early morning hours. It is usually between 6:00 and 09:00 on a Sunday when the roads are quiet. The idea is to assess your car’s performance alongside your friends. And also to catch up on anything car-related, including upcoming events.

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Motorsport Organisations

These types of organisations’ mandate is to promote motorsport, and, in many cases, this is done through car competitions. For example, two prominent associations in the UK are the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) and Motorsport UK — a sports governing body. They frequently update their websites and social media pages with valuable information and upcoming events.

Our Favourite Car Events

While we have shared how you can find local car events, we also want to look at some of our favourite motorsport events:

● Goodwood Festival of Speed: The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the most well-known car events in the world. Goodwood is great for all car enthusiasts because you can see vintage cars, Formula 1 drivers, iconic vehicles, and more.
● Race Retro: Another favourite because this event covers retro cars. Expect to see every discipline, from rally to circuit racing and spectacular vintage and retro cars.
● Salon Privé: If exotic and luxury cars are your thing, this is the one for you. You also get to see some unique supercars and rare vintage finds.

Wrap Up

There are countless local car competitions all over the UK, ranging from full-blown shows to a family setup. Each of these competitions and shows is valuable and great for car enthusiasts. If you need help finding them, join a local car club. Social media is also a suitable place to find what you need. And you should follow motorsport associations and organisations. Remember, car culture is not only about the cars but the community as well.


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