How to Keep Your Car Running for Longer

How to Keep Your Car Running for Longer main

A car is an important part of life for many people whether this is driving to and from work, taking the kids to school, going grocery shopping or visiting family and friends just to name a few of the main uses. This means that you will always want to be able to rely on the car and keep it running for as long as possible – here are a few small things that you can do each week to keep the car in good condition.

Buy From A Reliable Dealership

First, when you are purchasing an automobile it is important that you always do so from a reliable dealership like Jardine Motors. This should mean that you are buying a high-quality vehicle which will be easy to maintain.

Drive It Regularly

You should never leave a vehicle sat unused for too long as this can cause the battery to degrade and stop parts from working as well as they should. This is why you need to take it out at least once a week even if it is just around the block.

Drive Gently

Whenever you do take the car out, it is important that you drive it gently which will help to prolong the life as well as ensure that you are driving safely. Driving gently puts less strain on the mechanical parts as well as makes your fuel go further so you should try to drive smoothly as much as possible.

How to Keep Your Car Running for Longer motoring

Top Up Your Fluids

The car relies on various fluids as lifeblood so you should check these on a regular basis and top them up where necessary. You will also have to change your engine oil periodically – you can find out how often by looking in the owner manual.

Keep The Car Clean

Keeping the car clean both inside and out will stop any damage from occurring as well as ensure that it looks its best at all times. This is another task which does not take long to do and can make a big difference, particularly when the time comes to sell the vehicle.

Top Up the Tyres

The tyres need to be kept topped up to a certain level which will keep the car running smoothly, safely and efficiently. You can find out the recommended level in the manual and top it up at a petrol station or with a home kit.

These are the main tasks that a car owner needs to follow in order to keep their car running for longer and will keep the car reliable and in good condition.


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