Cooling the Future: MIRAI INTEX’s Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Refrigeration


MIRAI INTEX, a leader in sustainable refrigeration technology, epitomises innovation with its Air Cycle Technology MIRAI. Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, this pioneering company has dedicated itself to revolutionising refrigeration, focusing on eco-friendly solutions that leave no ecological footprint. Their managing office and production facility, based in Brno, Czech Republic, are at the forefront of introducing advanced engineering technologies in the refrigeration sector, setting new standards for environmental responsibility.

The company’s pioneering technology is rooted in its commitment to leaving no ecological footprint. Its approach to refrigeration eschews harmful fluorinated gases in favour of natural air, aligning with increasing regulatory demands and environmental concerns like ozone layer depletion and global warming. The firm’s products, compatible with the COP21 Paris Agreement, are an example of dedication to environmental stewardship.

Central to the company’s innovation is the in-house developed Air Cycle Technology. This system, used in various applications like biomedical storage and climate testing, operates on the principle of air compression and expansion, enabling ultra-low temperatures down to -160°C. A significant feature of this technology is its energy efficiency. The unique design, where the turboexpander and compressor are located on the same shaft, allows for up to 30% less energy consumption compared to traditional vapour compression systems. This efficiency is further enhanced by the use of air bearings, which eliminate the need for oil management and reduce maintenance requirements.

Moreover, MIRAI’s products stand out for their environmental and operational benefits. They eliminate the risks associated with refrigerant leakage and ensure compliance with evolving legislation. The firm’s Snow Catcher and Humidity Extraction Device (HED) further optimise performance, allowing for continuous operation without the energy-intensive defrosting processes typical of conventional systems.

In the context of the European Union’s F-Gas phase down, aiming to cut HFC usage by 79% between 2015 and 2030, MIRAI’s zero-GWP technology is particularly relevant. Their solutions offer full refrigeration capacity and safety without entailing the legislative complications associated with F-gases.

The significance of MIRAI’s technology is underscored by its application in LYOAIR®, a system developed in collaboration with GEA for freeze-drying. This system uses a combination of air cycling and CO2-based cooling, offering a GWP of 1. This contrasts sharply with traditional fluorinated gases, which have a significantly higher impact on global warming. The LYOAIR® system demonstrates the feasibility of achieving low temperatures efficiently and safely while reducing environmental impact.

Expanding its reach, MIRAI INTEX recently introduced the MIRAI XS CRYO for the semiconductor industry, offering exceptional temperature control from -120°C to +50°C. This product line exemplifies MIRAI’s commitment to sustainable, efficient, and precise cooling solutions, essential in critical industries like semiconductor manufacturing.

Ultimately, MIRAI INTEX is a product and thought-leader in ecological responsibility in the refrigeration industry. Through its innovative air cycle technology and commitment to using natural refrigerants, the company has set a new standard in the field, proving that high efficiency and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.

As industries worldwide grapple with the challenge of reducing their ecological footprints, MIRAI’s technologies offer a blueprint for sustainable, effective refrigeration solutions.


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