Tips on Removing Stress from Your Life

Tips on Removing Stress from Your Life (1)

When most people are asked to think about someone who is stressed, they picture a businessman talking on a mobile phone on a train, or they think of a mother at home with her children, who is exhausted and needs a break.

Yes, those are both tough situations, but one group that gets overlooked when it comes to stress is people who are retired. Loneliness, lack of routine, and just boredom are all precursors to stress. So, if you or your loved one seems stressed, you will want a way to prevent it from impacting your health. So here are some tips for removing stress from your life.

Socialise More

Stress thrives when you are on your own. It stops you from thinking clearly and conjures up worst-case scenarios in your head about everything!

One simple way to manage stress better is to socialise more. If you live on your own and struggle with day-to-day life or going out to socialise, then consider moving into a five-star residence like Signature at Reigate Grange Care Home. At these types of residential homes, activities are constantly planned, which makes it easy to join in with and make more friends. You can take the time to get to know your neighbours. You won’t get on well with everyone, but you won’t go days without talking to someone. Making new friends and socialising is a great way to reduce loneliness and stress in your life.

Engage in a Hobby

Who says hobbies are just for those in their 20s or 30s?

If you are feeling stressed, it can be worth doing a hobby tour. This is where you try out lots of different hobbies (in the residential home or in the community) to see what you enjoy doing. This also helps you socialise and can earn you new friends along the way. So, whether you join a reading club or opt for gardening, having a hobby is a great way to minimise stress.

Tips on Removing Stress from Your Life (2)

Take Time for Yourself

Self-care is crucial for better stress management. However, if you are in a certain age group, you may not have been taught about self-care. So, take the time to learn yoga, meditation, and reflection, or even treat yourself to mini spa days with face masks, foot baths, and so on. The stress will be reduced, and you will look and feel great!


For many people who are retired, it can be the lack of routine that causes stress. Humans do not do well when there is nothing to do!

So, one way you can look to alleviate this stress is to try and learn something. If you are good with your hands, you can start learning a craft, such as how to make birdhouses or design furniture. If you have always been an academic, try to learn a subject that has always interested you. This will help to break up the days and will give you something to focus on without pressure.

Seek Help (if needed)

There may be times when stress is a symptom of a mental illness. This can make it hard to manage without professional help, so be sure to reach out to a counsellor or therapist. If you live in residential care, talk to the nurses and support staff about options relating to talk therapies, as they will be able to help you seek help faster.


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