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“So Long, London” is the 5th song from Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” The single has a nice ring, but overall, Swifties described it as a “Sad Song,” and maybe mood contributes to that definition, but they are not far off with it.

One could say that “The Tortured Poets Department” was released at the right time, because Taylor Swift is set to be in London on the 21st of June, for 3 consecutive concerts. Even though she has not commented about it, the singer will probably perform some songs from the album, as special songs in some of her concerts this year.

When that happens, London will be one of the places to experience her 11 Eras, including “The Tortured Poets Department.” Even if no songs will be performed at all, “So Long, London,” will be the exception because Taylor Swift seems to have a special kind of connection with London. Looking back at her past life, we see that she has some sort of history with the city.

Starting from her relationship with a few lads from there, to the formation of some of her songs, including her version of “Lover” which was recorded in Metropolis Studios, London. We can then talk about some of her songs in which she mentions London, like “Beautiful Ghosts,” “Come Back… Be Here,” and “London Boy.”

These are enough for Swifties, who have developed an investigative skill since being connected to Taylor Swift, to create a conspiracy. One that might leave everyone sad at the fact that “So Long, London,” might be a farewell song to the city of London, and that she might never come back there again.

The lyrics do talk about a failed relationship (supposedly with Joe Alwyn) and a lover saying goodbye to the city, in which love was once shared with another. In this case, London. It all makes sense when you look at it from this perspective. Taylor Swift dated Joe Alwyn for 7 years, Joe is a Londoner, and Taylor Swift reportedly stayed in London for 6 years.

But at the moment, she is with Travis Kelce, and he resides in the United States. It is fair if she bids farewell to London, to focus on building her life with Travis over in the United States. We sure hope that this doesn’t mean she’ll skip London when she organises another tour, that would be sad.

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Fans Reaction to “So Long, London”

To an extent, social media is a reliable place to get information about how much of an impact your craft is making, and Taylor seems to know about this, that is why she always updates her playlist on YouTube whenever she makes something new. We wanted to see what Swifties are saying about the new album, and also about the song, “So Long, London,” so we went down to Taylor Swift’s official YouTube channel.

A lot of fans have reacted with “Mixed Feelings” to some of the songs in Taylor’s “The Tortured Poets Department.” While a lot of them are excited about the album, some couldn’t help but notice that some of the songs represent a sad Taylor Swift.

Their theory is a bit convincing, and since there aren’t any other set of people that Know Taylor Swift as much as Swifties do, we believe there is a modicum of truth to some of the theories, especially ones made about “So Long, London,” and it’s only a matter of time before we receive confirmation to these theories, like Taylor Swift always does.


“This is the ultimate heartbreak anthem. No anger, no bitterness, just pure sadness.”

“So Long, London” did not start like a normal Taylor Swift song. From the beginning, you could tell it’s a song from an aching heart. It wasn’t one that she tried to conceal her pains or sadness in the lyrics, she was straightforward in everything she said. This contributed to Swifties easily decoding who the song was meant for, and why the person deserved the song.


“The fact it is just SAD, the feeling is SAD only, no regrets, no anger, no revenge, no remorse, no coldness. It is just SAD and EMPTY.

 It’s the final goodbye to the London boy.”

“London Boy” in this case is Joe Alwyn. What happened between the two? A lot of rumours made rounds on the internet following their breakup. Some of these rumours were based on the idea that Taylor parted ways with Joe because she wanted to focus on the “Eras Tour.” However, none of these rumours had strong foundations, so they faded quickly. One that did stay for some time, was of the two breaking up due to differences that grew too much to ignore.


“I think the songs on this album that are about Joe being depictions of heartbreak and pure sadness rather than malice or spitefulness show the depth of their relationship and how Taylor truly wanted him to be the one and is still comprehending how it couldn’t work out.”

You know, the rest of the world was waiting for a wedding, not a breakup. They’ve been together for so long, that no one was expecting a breakup. Joe seemed like the perfect gentleman for Taylor Swift. They were some of the perfect couples we knew back then, they even co-wrote a song together that earned them a Grammy. Guess it’s “So Long, London Boy.”


“2019: London Boy, 2024: So Long, London. How time flies goes by.”

“London Boy” was released by Taylor Swift in 2019, through her “Lover” album. Even though she was together with Joe when she released the album, there are no words about Joe’s contribution to the songs in it. However, one interesting thing about the song is the fact that Joe Alwyn inspired it because Taylor was in a relationship with him at that time. “London Boy” was an expression of the good times Taylor had together with Joe in London. Sadly, “So Long, London” is now a farewell song to those memories.


“This has to be her best album yet. She put her pen to the page and didn’t stop until she was healed.”

Taylor Swift’s breakup from Joe came at the time she just started the “Eras Tour,” in 2023. She handled the breakup so well that nothing changed in the “Eras Tour” she was headlining. Reports stated that the couple broke up on April 8th. By April 13th, Taylor was in Tampa, Florida, organising one of the biggest concerts of her life. She truly didn’t stop until she was healed. Look how far the “Eras Tour” has brought her. She’s currently a billionaire thanks to the same tour.


“So long, London boy. “

TThere’sno better way to put it, other than this. London was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now and there are no grudges, just sad memories and a beautiful future to hope for.


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