7 Reasons Why Men Should Start Playing Ping Pong Today

7 Reasons Why Men Should Start Playing Ping Pong Today

Any man that has played ping pong knows that it’s a lot of fun. But most people don’t realize it also offers many unique health and lifestyle benefits. This makes it an ideal sport for men of all ages.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Having good hand-eye coordination is a key skill to have. And by many metrics, table tennis is the fastest racket sport in the world. Thereby pushing your hand-eye skills to the extreme.

In a typical game, the ball can reach speeds of up to 70 mph and due to the small table size, reaction time is shorter than many other sports. One study found that table tennis players had significantly faster reaction times than those who didn’t play.

By playing often, you can sharpen your reflexes and this ability carries over to other areas of your life.

Great Calorie Burner

Many people have the wrong impression about ping pong when it comes to fitness. They assume it does little to keep you in shape but this is not the case. Most people burn between 275-400 calories per hour playing ping pong which is on par with briskly walking or cycling.

Imagine playing a few hours once or twice a week. Now that’s some serious calorie burning, all the while having great fun doing it.

Improves Balance

The more you play table tennis, the more you understand how important footwork is to playing well. To get your feet in the right position, you need good balance or you’ll lose your footing.

Ping pong forces players to quickly change position and direction which gives you a full body workout. This is especially important for people who live sedentary lives, have office jobs, or are over the age of 65.

Relieves Stress

There’s no escaping it. Life gets stressful and we need time to break away from our responsibilities and reset ourselves.

Table tennis is an easy and fun way of relieving stress. After just a few short rallies, the feel-good endorphins begin to flood in. This improves your mood and prepares you to tackle the trials of everyday life.

7 Reasons Why Men Should Start Playing Ping Pong Today bat

Any Age Can Play

What distinguishes ping pong from many other sports is that any age can play. And not only that, but any age can play well. Table tennis clubs consist of the young and old, and everyone in between.

This is because ping pong is a non-contact sport with light equipment so it doesn’t place too much stress on the body. Success is also largely determined by technique which gives players who’ve passed their physical peak a good chance of winning.

Encourages Socializing

Ping pong is a social sport. With such a small field of play, it’s only natural to converse with your opponent. This helps you to learn more about who you’re playing against and leads to more exciting matches.

You also tend to switch opponents at table tennis clubs which exposes you to even more people.

As mentioned earlier, ping pong is a sport for all ages. So you end up making friends with people you would probably never normally approach. It brings people together in the best possible way with healthy fun exercise.

Stimulates Your Brain

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of ping pong is the cognitive side. Which is surprising to some. As an outsider, table tennis appears like little more than hitting a ball back and forth. Rather simple, right?

Yet ping pong requires many rapid body movements determined by split-second decisions.

It is in fact a complex sport. You must account for speed and spin, before selecting a shot to make in return. You’ll struggle to find such quick problem-solving anywhere else.

This doesn’t even include the overarching strategy that you tailor to each opponent which evolves throughout your game. Ping pong stimulates your brain in a way that few sports come close to.

Get Playing!

Now you know all the reasons why ping pong can improve your health and lifestyle, so it’s time to get playing. All you really need is a good ping pong paddle and you’re sorted. Best of luck, and have fun!


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