The Best Gifts for your Son’s 20th Birthday

Best Gifts for your Son’s 20th Birthday

Twentysomethings can be difficult to shop for. Their tastes might have evolved dramatically over the last few years, to the point where it seems as though you barely know the person they’re turning into. The right gift for your son’s twentieth birthday can help to demonstrate that you still care – but ideally, you’ll want it to be useful and practical, too.

Let’s look through a few gifts that might fit the bill nicely.

A Car

If your son is still having to borrow your car, then you can buy them something of their own to drive. Or, if this isn’t an option, you can contribute a little bit of the asking price, and help them to get on the road independently.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you’ll want to turn to the used market. This is where even expensive, gift-worthy models can be found at reasonable prices. For example, you can easily track down used Audis, if you know where to look.

A Driving License

If your son isn’t yet on the road, then you can give them a leg-up by paying for their provisional driving license. If you apply online, then you can get it for slightly less. You’re saving them a little bit of hassle, as well as dealing with the cost – and you’re also setting them a challenge.

Best Gifts for your Son’s 20th Birthday holiday

A Holiday

Going away for a short trip might be just the thing to mark a significant birthday. It might be a holiday with the family, if they’re still into that sort of thing. On the other hand, it might be a trip away with their friends, with you footing at least a portion of the bill. This is something that you’ll want to discuss with them ahead of time, since surprises of this kind might represent something of a risk.

A Suit

If you want to buy them something practical and gift-worthy, then a suit will tend to do nicely. Go for something neutral – that way, they’ll be able to wear it to a range of formal occasions like weddings and swanky parties, as well as to job interviews. Blue or black tend to be winning colours. Be sure to keep the receipt, or to take your son along to get the suit fitted.

A Watch

A high-end watch represents the ultimate in luxury for most men. They can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a few hundred grand, so make sure that you shop for something that they’re going to wear. If you want to strike a sentimental chord, then you might elect to get the item engraved with a personal message.


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