How to Get into Bingo

How to get into bingo (2)

Looking for something new and exciting to get your teeth into? It might be time to try bingo! You may have already heard of it or even played it before, but there’s so much to learn and explore with new ways of playing being released regularly.

In this guide, we’ll start you on your bingo journey by outlining the rules and where you can play the various forms of the game. Cards ready!

Basic bingo rules

Bingo is essentially a game of chance. Each player has one or multiple scorecards and a caller calls out numbers that have been randomly generated either digitally or physically. As numbers are called out, players have to follow along and mark any corresponding numbers off on their bingo card.

There are usually various prizes up for grabs as people mark off more numbers, but you normally win in traditional bingo by being the first to have:

• Five numbers in a row on your bingo card (one line)
• Two lines in a row
• A full house (every number marked off)

Winners are meant to shout “bingo” if they think they’ve won, but this is something less necessary now with the advent of online bingo.

How to get into bingo (1)

The bingo hall experience

Traditional bingo has been played up and down the country in bingo halls for decades. This sort of environment is loads of fun and gives people the chance to socialise with friends, family and other players while the game is on.

Venues like this are less common these days, but they still hold an important place in some people’s lives. They’ve largely been replaced by online bingo which has taken the nation and world by storm.

The online bingo experience

Online bingo has boomed in the internet age, bringing the nation’s favourite game into people’s homes. But it can also be played on the go with mobile apps, giving players a chance to win money, socialise and have fun from just about anywhere.

This development has also brought about opportunities for new iterations of the game, such as shorter forms of traditional bingo and themed games such as deal or no deal bingo. Players have such a vast array of formats to experience now, so there’s plenty to get your teeth into and loads of fun to be had!

With online variations, you can deposit and win money online and make use of plenty of promotions run by bingo sites. Why not give it a try?


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