Understanding The Science Of Gift-Giving

Understanding The Science Of Gift-Giving main

With Christmas day around the corner, many may be feeling extremely overwhelmed with the process of gift-giving. It can seem daunting to purchase gifts for your loved ones, especially if you are not certain your gift will be worth cherishing. However, the science of gift-giving will help you navigate your way through the malls this festive season to purchase gifts with extreme meaning for those you love most.

Personalized Gifts

One of the most effective methods of gifting this season is to opt for items that can be personalised. There are tons of great personalised gift ideas out there to consider and while tailoring an item will make it quite special by adding a hint of sentiment, you should carefully consider the item you are personalising. You can best determine what type of item would be best by understanding the person you are purchasing it for. You may find your beloved aunt is quite the fan of her antique jewels, which means she would appreciate a customised jewellery box to keep her valuables safe.  Alternatively, you might want to give something special to your best friend who appreciates cosy and heartwarming gifts. In that case, they will definitely be thrilled with customized mink touch blankets, which will warm their body and soul on cold days and constantly remind them of how thoughtful you are. Knowing the person well is truly what will determine how meaningful your choice of gift will be.

Make It Yourself

If you have more time on your hands this festive season, a great way to ensure your gift is truly appreciated is to make it yourself. You won’t have to worry about being an exceptionally talented DIY boffin as there are tons of easy to understand tutorials online that will guide you through the process of creating things such as picture frames and small decor items. Hand-made gifts are always considered exceptionally sentimental as the receiver will consider how much time and effort you have put into creating the gift rather than how much you have spent on it.

Understanding The Science Of Gift-Giving present

Avoid Anti-Consumerism

On the other hand, you don’t want to go overboard with hand made gifts by adapting to an anti-consumerism attitude, especially if you are purchasing gifts for children. Your parents may appreciate your time and effort, but younger generations may not. Once again, knowing who you are purchasing the for will make the world of difference to your options. If you are purchasing a gift for your dad, it would be best to consider the general Father’s Day gift selections and opt for personalised items, while purchasing a gift from a toy store would be best for your children.

Experiential Gifts

If you are really uncertain as to what types of objects would be best and you simply cannot decide you could also consider giving the gift of experiences rather than things. Experiential gifts such as concert tickets are a great choice for those who you may be unable to place in terms of suitable gifting objects. You may find your niece is a die-hard fan of a certain musician, although she already possesses most items that can be purchased, which would mean that gifting her with an item would be a great waste. However, you could gift such a person with the ultimate experience.


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