Plywood Interior Ideas: How to Use Plywood in Your Home

Plywood Interior Ideas How to Use Plywood in Your Home

Versatile, affordable, and sustainable, plywood is the DIY enthusiast’s dream material. Though once considered less aesthetically pleasing than solid wood, plywood’s gorgeous grain and distinctive edges are now increasingly popular when shown off in stylish furniture and eye-catching cabinetry. 

If you’re looking for plywood project inspiration you’ve come to the right place. Here are four amazing home plywood DIY projects to get you started.

Why plywood?

An engineered wood product made by glueing veneers of wood on top of each other at a perpendicular angle, plywood has been used since ancient times. Popular in shipbuilding since the 18th century, today it now has a wide range of uses in DIY and professional woodworking projects. 

But why is plywood so great to work with? Here are a few key reasons.

It’s durable

Plywood is pretty hardwearing and can therefore be used in a range of applications. Because of the alternating grains of each wood veneer, boards of plywood are unlikely to warp in the same way that solid wood can. 

It’s attractive

Available in blemish-free high grades, plywood can be a gorgeous way to build shelves, cabinets, tables, and other furniture. The warm and light appearance of hardwood plywood made from birch and similar trees brings a natural touch to any room.

It’s budget-friendly

Significantly cheaper than using solid wood, plywood is one of the more cost-effective materials for home DIY projects. Low grade plywood sheets are cheap and easy on your wallet – perfect for applications where they will be painted over or not on show in the final product.

It can bend

Need a material you can bend for strong curves in your furniture? Plywood is perfect for this. If you’re building statement chairs or coffee tables and want to create bends that are strong and durable, plywood is the material of choice. 

It’s versatile

Plywood is very versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Just make sure to choose a moisture resistant or exterior grade type of plywood if you’ll be building outside!

It’s more sustainable

While it’s true that trees need to be cut down to manufacture plywood, lots of the supply is made from fast-growing birch, a tree that is abundant across Northern Europe, Russia, and Canada. Moreover, birch forests support the local wildlife when managed sustainably. As an eco-friendly choice, birch plywood is one of the best building materials. 

So, what can you actually do with plywood in your home? Here are some of the best DIY plywood projects you could try.

Scandi-style kitchen cabinets

Low-grade plywood is frequently used in kitchen cabinet carcases thanks to its low cost and durability. But lately there’s been a great trend for also using higher grade plywood for cabinet face frames and doors. Bringing a casual, nature-inspired atmosphere to your kitchen, plywood cabinets help create a Scandinavian inspired look with their visually appealing grains. 

Plywood cabinet doors and faces look great in a minimalist style, so you may choose to just leave small cut out handles or use push latches to keep the surface simple and sleek. Once they’re installed they won’t need much maintenance – just a wipe down every now and then to keep them clean. 

Statement coffee tables 

For the mid-century furniture lovers out there, who said your statement pieces needed to come at a high cost? Plywood is the perfect material for building a statement low profile coffee table to bring a touch of sophisticated style to your living space. 

Alternatively, if the look you’re going for is more minimalist or industrial, a plywood coffee table can help take your living room to the next level. A simple but effective table made of plywood with sleek metal or wooden legs can complete the look while staying totally affordable and easy to build. 

Don’t forget to finish your coffee table off with a leafy plant or two to get that Pinterest-ready look. 

Warm, cosy plywood bedrooms

Plywood walls, really? Absolutely! Plywood walls and headboards are a trendy way to add visual interest to a cosy bedroom. Thanks to the clean and warm appearance of high grade plywood, this can turn even a small and dingy bedroom into the ultimate cosy space. Plus, the natural wood grain texture is a great way to bring a soothing touch of nature into the place you sleep.  

Not sure you’re ready to commit to a whole wall of plywood? Plywood skirting may be a good place to start. Adding dimension to your room, skirting made of sleek plywood is the perfect way to dress up a boring wall. 

The home bar of your dreams

Plywood is the perfect material for building your very own home bar; it’s sturdy, long-lasting, resistant to those inevitable spills, and can be stained to suit your preferred aesthetic. Whether your dream home bar looks fun and maximalist, luxurious and sophisticated, or bold and industrial, plywood is a great versatile material that can be adapted to achieve your ideal look. 

Picking your plywood

These are just a few plywood DIY interior ideas but the possibilities are endless. From furniture to storage and even walls and skirting, plywood has a wide range of applications that can take your home’s design to the next level. 

Ready to pick out your plywood? Head over to Cworkshop, the London-based specialists who offer beautiful premium quality plywood and a helpful cut-to-size service to help get you started. Your next project awaits!


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