7 Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look More Spacious

7 Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look More Spacious main

A small bedroom can sometimes feel like a cave rather than a comfortable space. Depending on the design choices you make and the furniture you choose, your bedroom can feel messy and cluttered. Small bedrooms can be difficult to organise, design or remodel too. When trying to make your bedroom look larger, you might have to work around your bed and other furniture in there, which can be challenging for many people. All hope is not lost though, because there are some things you can do to make your smaller bedroom look more spacious.

Draw People’s Focus Upwards

Your bedroom might be limited in length and width, but there are some things you can do to make it look taller. One of these is using vertical stripes on the walls. If your bedroom has a low ceiling, vertical lines can make it look taller. For this, you can use alternating white and black lines. These lines work best when they are placed behind the head.

The second way you can make your bedroom look larger is by painting the ceiling darker. A darker ceiling adds depth and structure to any room, so this tip can also be used for other rooms in your house. In lieu of painting the ceiling dark, you can also use patterned wallpaper to achieve the same effect. Try as much as you can to choose wallpapers that have pastel shades and good designs as these are visually appealing and will serve to add further character to the bedroom. A good wallpaper can also help keep the bedroom serene and calm, both of which can help you feel relaxed when you are in bed.

You can also use long curtains to make your ceiling seem higher. If you do not have windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, curtains that do will help elongate the room. Mount these curtains on your window’s frame and let them flow to the floor.

Use Colours to Add Some Dimension

Dark-coloured walls can make a space more dramatic, but they can also reveal that your bedroom is small. The way to remedy this is to use two colours on your walls and ceilings if you must have darker colours in your bedroom.

The first tip here is to paint the walls a lighter shade than the ceiling. This partitions the room into segments which gives the illusion of a bigger space. If you want to exaggerate the illusion, you can also add a light colour, such as white, where the wall’s darker shade meets the ceiling’s lighter shade.

Another way you could use colours to achieve the same aim is by opting for the same shade for the lighter potion of the wall on the ceiling. This makes it seem like the wall keeps going on forever, thereby making the bedroom look larger than it really is.

If you do not want a two-tone look, opt for the same light hues on the walls and ceilings. Remember that lighter hues reflect light around to make your bedroom look bigger.

7 Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look More Spacious mirror

Take Advantage of Mirrors

Mirrors have been used to make rooms look larger for centuries. Mirrors are special in that there are lots of different ways to incorporate them into a bedroom to make it seem larger; you could use many small mirrors or a few large mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, and light creates the illusion of a space being larger than it actually is.

A good place to start is to add some mirrored wardrobes. Mirrored wardrobes are elegant, functional and most of all will help your bedroom look bigger. Mirrors enhance the feeling that a space is bigger than it actually is, especially when the walls of that space are painted white.

If you do not want to add mirrored wardrobes, you can opt for floor-length mirrors. These are a bit extravagant but they will give you the exaggeration of space you are looking for. These mirrors should start from the floor and go as high as possible. Floor-length mirrors can also help anchor the bed to exaggerate the sense of space.

Mirrors work great in this way because they are transparent. This means they do not seem like they are cluttering the room unless you have too many of them in there.

Unclutter the Bedroom

A neat, uncluttered bedroom looks larger than it actually is. It also feels homely and welcoming. When decluttering the bedroom, start by removing unnecessary furniture. If you have two of the same things, and if they do not serve distinct functions, you should get rid of one of them. For example, if you have two nightstands, get rid of one.

When doing this, you should start by writing down everything you have in the bedroom and then deciding if you need that piece of furniture or not. Keep in mind that what you really need in the bedroom is the bed, a side table, some lamps, wardrobes and a rug. Everything else is added in for aesthetics or to give the bedroom some character.

Keep Things Proportional

One of the reasons why many bedrooms feel smaller than they really are is because many people have disproportionate furniture. When deciding what to get for a small bedroom, start with the bed and mattress. These are the things you will use to decide how big or small other items will be.

You should use a mattress size guide for this so you know the exact dimensions of the mattress you need. If you need help, you should look at this mattress size guide from Mattress Next Day.

Mattress Next Day is a bed and mattress specialist with a near-perfect rating and excellent reputation for fast deliveries, good pricing and great customer service. They have a wide range of mattresses in various sizes so you can get one that makes your bedroom look exactly how you want it to.

After you have the mattress, you can start buying other pieces of furniture for the bedroom. The nightstands are the most visible after the bed or mattress, so they should be proportional to the bed. Next, you want the wardrobes that match the bed’s size.

Add Some Height to Your Furniture

Adding some height to your furniture creates an open feeling in the bedroom. Although not every piece of furniture can or should be legged, try to have at least one piece of furniture with some legs. This is especially important if you have a divan base. People tend to see bedrooms with a lot of the walls and floors showing as being larger than they actually are.

Creating the illusion of more space in a small bedroom can be easily achieved with a trundle pull-out bed. This style of bed offers similar comfort to a normal bed but is structurally designed to easily lift and slide away when not in use, making it ideal for situations where space is at a premium. The trundle has drawers in the base which are easy to access, perfect for storing books and other items, or even an extra mattress if needed. By utilizing this type of furniture, you can achieve both the added height and additional sleeping area needed to maximize the room’s potential without being weighed down by bulky furniture pieces.

Match the Curtains or Drapes to the Walls

Although you can use some contrasting drapes and curtains in your bedroom, it is also a good idea to use drapes and curtains that match the colour of your walls. When you do, the room looks and feels seamless, which can make it look larger. Matching both of these parts of the bedrooms keeps people’s eyes moving, making them think the bedroom is larger than it really is.

Making your bedroom look and feel larger than it actually is can make it feel a lot more comfortable, airy and welcoming. Although it might seem like a lot of work to make this happen, you will appreciate the much more open space once you are done making the necessary changes.


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