How To Attract Birds To Your Garden And Why You Want Them There

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden And Why You Want Them There mainHow To Attract Birds To Your Garden And Why You Want Them There main

Warmer weather and longer days mean that the garden once again becomes a nice place to spend time. Alongside getting to sit in the sun and smell the flowers, you also have the benefit of seeing more birds come and go as they please.

This might not seem like a big deal, but for some, it’s one of the greatest appeals of having a garden. There’s something about the sight and sound of these creatures that just makes a person feel more relaxed.

If you’re not convinced, maybe you will be once you see what benefits they can bring to your outside space. You might then want to try and attract more to your garden using the tips outlined below.

The Benefits Of Birds

One of the best things about birds is that they make great pest control. Plenty of them eat insects commonly found in your garden, some of which can harm your vegetation. If birds visit you fairly frequently, you’ll have less need to use other methods to remove pests, such as harmful insecticides.

Another benefit is that some species eat weed seeds. The more of these they consume, the lower the chances of your garden becoming overgrown with weeds. There’s also the advantage that a few birds are efficient pollinators, so having them around can work wonders for your flowers.

Obviously, not every bird brings these benefits, and you can’t always control what flies into your garden. However, given the clear pros of having these creatures around, it’s clearly worth attracting them with the following six tips.

Think About What You Plant

When you grow stuff in your garden, what inspired your choice of plants? The appearance? The smell?

Plenty of factors motivate people to plan certain things, but something that’s often overlooked is their effect on birds. Different species will respond better to different plants. So, it makes sense that thinking about what you put in your garden can influence whether it not it will attract birds.

It will benefit you to research what species are common to the local area and what kind of environment suits them best. The British Trust for Ornithology has some thoughts on the matter that are worth considering and could help your garden become a safe haven for birds. Just remember that many things won’t be native to where you live, so it’ll be tough to attract them, no matter what you plant outside.

Offer Suitable Food

Bird food isn’t one-size-fits-all. Just as all creatures like variety in what they eat, so do the many species of bird that inhabit the UK. If you’re going to have a variety of them in your garden, you’ll need to provide more than one food option.

You can go here for an idea of what appeals to the different species. From seeds to insects to berries, there’s a lot you can have on offer. You just need to know what birds you want to attract and which ones are native to the area, then you can go from there.

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden And Why You Want Them There robin

Keep Cats At Bay

If you have cats as pets, attracting birds to your garden may be a little challenging. After all, cats are predators and often won’t refrain from trying to catch a bird when possible.

Things are a little easier if you don’t have them as pets, but even then, you still have the issue of neighbourhood felines causing trouble.

That’s why it’s worth installing some electronic deterrents in your garden to keep the animals at bay. The sound of these should scare off most cats, making your outdoor space much safer for any visiting birds. It’s not foolproof, but it should make enough of a difference.

Provide Bird-Friendly Decorations

A garden filled with bird-friendly décor will always do a better job of attracting wildlife than one that’s empty. That means investing in bird boxes, feeders, and baths so that the creatures have places to eat, drink, and sleep.

All of these essentials are stocked at Little Peckers, where catering for birds is the number one priority. Alongside products for pet birds and poultry, there’s all the food and features you could want to show your feathered friends that they’re welcome. They even stock ornaments, compost, and other gardening essentials, so your outdoor needs are easily met here.

Be Smart About Feeder Placement

Having some of these features in your garden isn’t always enough. If they’re not placed correctly, they could do more harm than good.

For instance, it’s worth putting some distance between your feeders, baths, etc. and your property. That way, not only will birds feel more comfortable using them, but there’s also less risk of them flying into windows and getting hurt.

With the feeders, it’s also important to keep them away from fences or branches where other animals can access them. It would also be best to ensure that the post they’re on is straight and smooth. That way, cats, squirrels, and other problematic creatures will have a lot more difficulty climbing them.

Plant Trees And Shrubbery

If you’ve got the space, it’s definitely worth planting some trees and shrubbery in your garden. This stuff might take a bit of time to grow, but once big enough, it’ll offer birds an extra place to nest. That will increase the likelihood of this wildlife not only coming to your garden but staying put once there, which is what you want.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the biggest garden. There are plenty of suitably sized trees you can plant, some of which offer food and shelter that will appeal to several bird species.

With a bit of forethought, it’s easy to attract birds to your garden. Once there, they’ll bring some great benefits to your outdoor space, helping you to beautify it. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back and watch them come and go, which is sometimes all you need on a lazy spring or summer afternoon.


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