The Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them

The culinary world has seen a substantial rise in the demand for vegan food over the past few years. 2019 was named “The Year of the Vegan” by The Economist, truly establishing the power of the trend. Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and concerned with both sustainability and animal welfare, reflecting in where they spend their money and who they spend it with.

Market Stalls are an ideal way to cater for this ever increasing trend; people can taster vegan products without the commitment of ordering a full menu. Customers are more inquisitive than ever to try this wave of new food possibilities. Markets bring together a multitude of vibrant cultures, offering their own take on plant based dishes.

We have collaborated with TFH Gazebos to gather the very best vegan food stalls, serving innovative and exciting menus across the UK.

Club Mexicana

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them club-mexicana

If Mexican-inspired eateries are your thing, and who could blame you, then Club Mexicana is a must-try. You’ll soon realise how spoiled for choice you are when you read through their menu, made up of fragrant tacos, luxurious stuffed burritos, and irresistible nachos. Their 100% vegan offerings can be enjoyed in either Spitalfields E1 6LT, Kingly Court W1B 5PW, or Seven Dials Market WC2H 9LD, London.

TruFoo Juice Bar

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them tru-foo

Tru Foo is the ultimate juice bar, offering juices, smoothies and even “super-smoothies”. Their vibrant menu contains a rainbow of fruits and vegetables so there is something for every taste pallet. They even serve cocktails for supplemented satisfaction! This mobile company is based in Bristol, but be on the lookout, as these guys travel all over the UK.

Greedy Khao

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them greedy-khao

The Greedy Khao veganise authentic Thai flavour and distribute their uncompromised meals throughout London. Starring on their plant-based collection is their Signature Red, a modern classic featuring “Thai red curry with deep-fried, pillowy tofu puffs nestled among chunks of butternut squash”. Likewise, we urge you to try out the flavour frenzy that they’ve mixed into their Chik’n Kaprao spicy stir-fry. This bold & fresh eatery delivers deliciousness around Battersea and Canary Wharf.

The Green Grill

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them green-gill

Another London based company is The Green Grill. As the name suggests, this joint supplies plant-based burgers with an abundance of tasty toppings, indulgently-loaded meat-free hot dogs, as well as deceivingly juicy “chicken” bites & fries. They describe their colourful menu as consisting of ‘plant-based junk food’. You can currently find them servicing Walthamstow, Hackney Wick, and Shoreditch.

Kabala Kitchen

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them kabala

Switching to a more sustainable diet can sometimes imply departing from the comprehensive warmth that familiar food can bring. Kabala Kitchen is here to remedy this obstacle by providing comfort food classics which employ a healthy vegan interpretation. A melting pot of various cuisines, this nutritious spot offers everything from lasagne, chilli dogs, and enchiladas, all the way to traditional ramen noodles. Occupying Bristol, you’ll be sure to see them regularly at Temple Quay Market, Harbourside Market, and Windmill Hill Market.

The Peckish Peacock

Best Vegan Food Stalls in the UK & Where to Find Them peckish

It’s likely that you won’t miss this next stall, whether you want to or not, as its outlandish display lives up to the ostentatious bird that it takes after. The Peckish Peacock gives you everything you love about Indian take-away, all in a biodegradable package. You’ll encounter this stylish vegan caterer at both public & private events in Brighton, where you might have to queue up for a bit before you get your hands on their fully-fledged curries, pakora boxes, and roti wraps.

To stay up-to-date with their next locations we have included all of the links to their Instagrams. You will find an abundance of culinary delights as well as inspiration for setting up your own vegan food stall with their creative approach to gazebo setups.


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