Cannabis Seeds: The Paradox of Legislation That Allows you to Buy Cannabis Seeds but not to Plant Them

Paradox of Legislation That Allows you to Buy Cannabis Seeds but not to Plant Them

The legality of CBD and the therapeutic use of cannabis in many European countries is reopening the debate on the extent to which a patient has the right to self-cultivate instead of going to the black market.

According to most legislations, smoking marijuana in the street is prohibited, as it would threaten public safety. However, the drug law has many loopholes.
For example, having plants in the home was, until recently, technically legal if it was shown to be for personal consumption.

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What the law says about cannabis…

This would be another legal loophole since clean consumption is very relative since it covers everything that the person in question can demonstrate that they can consume.

What is certain is that there is a Supreme Court interpretation of a limit of 20g per day, which is not so specific in the number of plants one could have in a farm or a house without directly incurring a trafficking crime.

Seed and grow shops

And, in these legal loopholes, we would find the Grow Shops, which are nothing more than shops dedicated to selling products for the cultivation of cannabis. So another question arises: doesn’t it make sense to prohibit the use of marijuana and sell items that encourage it?

The vision of seed shop owners

There are very different shops, but with a common goal: to gain rights in a highly vilified sector by politics and legislation. “There is such a legal vacuum… They have abandoned it so much and forgotten about it”.

Although one asks the reason for this ‘forgetfulness’ on the part of politicians, the answer is clear: “It is an issue that has no interest in being regularised, partly because of the pharmaceutical companies. Also, I have clients who have taken off many pills by taking oils.

When discussing the legalisation of marijuana, it is inevitable to talk about pharmaceutical companies. These two sectors have been closely linked since the 19th century when cannabis began to be sold in pharmacies and abruptly separated in 1918 when the use of the drug and pharmacies began to make their medicines.

At the time, they did not consider whether the sale of cannabis in pharmacies would lead to an increase in the number of people using it, but now this question arises.

People will not consume more cannabis because there are more grow shops, and the question is asked, “Or is it because there are more supermarkets that people are drinking more wine?”

The truth is that the cataloguing of these new establishments – they only started entering France in 2000 – would be halfway between tobacconists, hardware stores and garden centres.

Indeed, in addition to seeds, fertilisers and all sorts of tools for successful planting, they also sell legal products for cannabis consumption, such as rolling sheets or grinders, which are very useful for grinding marijuana before smoking.

Paradox of Legislation That Allows you to Buy Cannabis Seeds but not to Plant Them flag

What about the Netherlands

The Netherlands is often seen as the cannabis hotspot by enthusiasts in Europe. First, however, let’s look at the legal situation of cannabis in the Netherlands. We know that it is not, as one might first think, an El Dorado where the possibilities are unlimited.

The most common misconception among many cannabis enthusiasts is that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands. This is not correct.

Also, in the Netherlands, cannabis is illegal. The particularity of this European country is only due to the fact that cannabis is tolerated on its territory, which has led to the emergence of exciting rules to know.

• In principle, possession of cannabis is a crime, but it is tolerated when the quantity possessed is less than 5 grams. The police are, however, authorised to seize identified cannabis.
• Possession of larger quantities is considered a commercial activity and punishable by a fine of 3500 euros.
• Possessing quantities of more than 30 grams commits an offence punishable by up to 2 years in prison and a fine of 16,750 euros.
• The consumption of cannabis in public is not authorised, but it is nevertheless tolerated in general because the police do not consider this type of offence a priority. In the centre of Amsterdam, such consumption should never be a problem.

Cannabis cultivation is a crime

Growing up to five plants is considered personal use, so it is tolerated.

Important: In the event of cultivation at home, this can only be assisted by a maximum of two technical means. Otherwise, the culture is considered professional, and its owner automatically becomes an offender.

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