The Best Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Best Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing Efforts (1)

Are you looking for the right tools to improve your marketing efforts?

In that case, marketing analytics tools are where you should be focusing your attention, as these intricate solutions can open a wide range of opportunities to analyse and refine your marketing performance.

But which are the best analytics tools for marketing?

Among the many options to choose from, you should consider the vast range of benefits that comes with call tracking software.

This sophisticated analytics tool helps you to trace the origin of customer phone calls and to build a clear overview of customer journeys.

As well as key data on customer calls – such as call duration, call times, and caller locations – you’ll receive detailed insights on the marketing campaigns that produced the interaction.

You’ll be able to attribute each call to the specific marketing campaigns, channels, or keywords that were present in the customer journey. Essentially, it’s every touchpoint visited from the first interaction down to the last.

By implementing call tracking you can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys, as well as the overall value and strength of your entire marketing efforts – across every channel, campaign, and activity.

Here is a list of benefits this can provide for your business:

1. Enhanced marketing attribution

Traditional marketing attribution models often have less accuracy when measuring the impact of various channels on a customer’s journey.

Call tracking software, however, provides a clearer look at how each area of your marketing is driving phone calls, with a detailed analysis of each touchpoint in a customer journey.

This granular level of attribution can reveal things like your high-performing channels, the campaigns with the most conversions, or the activities generating the most website visits, for example.

You can even view the results produced from your offline campaigns as well as your online ones, so each crucial customer journey is included in your attribution model.

2. Optimising marketing spend

Every marketing campaign involves a certain level of investment, and you need to ensure that each investment is delivering the desired results.

Call tracking software goes beyond basic metrics, offering detailed insights into which activities are driving the most valuable phone leads.

Armed with this information, you can reallocate budgets to the areas of your marketing that consistently generate high-quality leads, ultimately maximising the efficiency of your overall marketing budget split and lowering your total cost-per-lead across every campaign.

Best Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing Efforts (2)

3. Refining keyword strategies

If you’re engaged in online advertising, optimising keywords is crucial for attracting the right audience to your paid ads.

Call tracking software allows you to associate specific keywords with incoming calls, providing valuable data on which keywords are driving the most conversions.

With this data, you’ll have a clearer idea of where to refine your keyword strategies, ensuring you only focus on terms that resonate most with their target audience and produce results.

4. Improving customer experience

Understanding customer behaviour is at the core of successful marketing, and call tracking software also provides insights into customer interactions during phone calls.

This is done through speech analytics, which is an expert feature of call tracking that transcribes every phone call and highlights important keywords mentioned in the call conversations.

By evaluating these calls, you can gain a better understanding of things like customer needs and preferences – you’ll see the main enquiries from your customers, identify pain points, and see which campaigns are producing the calls with the customers most eager to purchase.

This information can be used to enhance customer service and tailor your marketing strategies to better align with your target audience.


Marketing analytics tools are a force for success in today’s digital era and, with the right software in your business, you can begin reaching new heights in your marketing efforts.

Is call tracking the missing ingredient in your business’s marketing efforts?


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