Best Jazz Bands in the UK for Parties

Best Jazz Bands in the UK for Parties

Planning a special event and looking to add some sophisticated sizzle? You can hire Jazz bands to make it memorable for years.

Whether you’re in the mood for soothing lounge music or upbeat swing tunes, you can find exactly what you need in no time in this blog because I’m going to provide you with some honest reviews on Jazz Bands available in the UK in this piece of writing. With a vast selection of versatile groups created specifically for special occasions, such as wedding reception jazz bands, garden party bands, and more—you’re sure to find something special indeed.

The following experienced and professional jazz musicians are ready to make your dream party come true in style!

List of The Best Jazz Bands in The UK:

1. Jivin Miss Daisy
2. Smooth Jazz
3. Vintage Jazz Gang
4. The Gypsy Jazz Quartet

The Best Jazz Band – Overall

Jivin’ Miss Daisy:

Average Price: ₤1,950+
Location: London

Great Gatsby-themed band Jivin’ Miss Daisy (JMD). A spectacular 1920s & 1930s vintage-style dance band, they re-create the glamorous music of that bygone era with dance hall classics, including Charleston, Swing and Jazz in period dress to complement the theme.

For over two decades, Jivin Daisy has been bringing joy to guests at weddings, parties, corporate events and a range of renowned music venues across the UK.

If you love classic songs from Gershwin, Cole Porter, Ellington and Ray Charles, JMD can be the best choice for your next party. They have been playing in Jazz clubs, festivals, wedding parties and large corporate events since 1999, and this popular band will definitely make your audience dance and sing along.

JMD has already performed in the following venues located in the UK:

● Ronnie Scott’s, London
● Claridge’s, London
● The Ivy Club, London
● Birmingham Repertory Theatre
● Cambridge Corn Exchange

Musicians of JMD:
This band comprises nine members:

1. Simon Thorpe (Double Bass & Band Leader)
2. Liz Fletcher (Vocals)
3. Simon Finch (Trumpet/Vocals)
4. Alex Garnett (Sax/Vocals)
5. John Pearce (Piano)
6. Matt Skelton (Drums)
7. Malcolm Earl Smith (Trombone/Vocals)
8. Luke Annesley (Sax and Clarinet)
9. Colin Oxley (Guitar)

If you’re eagerly looking for something to liven up your corporate party or wedding reception and want to make the day memorable, Jivin’ Miss Daisy is a perfect choice.

Best Jazz Band – Best Budget:

Smooth Jazz:

Average Price: ₤725+
Location: London

If you are searching for the best Jazz band in the UK but have a tight budget that is under ₤1000, you can easily afford Smooth Jazz. Smooth Jazz band comprises seven members and will be the best choice for under ₤1000 for any kind of big party.

I had the pleasure of seeing Smooth Jazz perform at a corporate party last year in London, and I was completely blown away by their performance.

Truly, they were incredible! Their swing and Latin jazz music were so lively and fun, and it really set the tone for the whole event.

This popular band has truly professional musicians who know exactly how to get people dancing and having fun throughout the party.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony or just arranging a large corporate event, and if you love old-day swing music, then I would highly recommend Smooth Jazz for any event where you want to add some energy and excitement.

Best Jazz Bands in the UK for Parties band

Best Jazz Band – Vintage Style

Vintage Jazz Gang

Average Price: ₤1700+
Location: London

Have you ever heard of the Vintage Jazz Gang? Don’t you? Okay! I’m telling you. The Vintage Jazz Gang is a popular London-based jazz band that comprises eight members who are talented enough to make your party memorable. But what is the best thing about this band which can amaze your audience during the party? It’ll just combine the best of vintage music with contemporary songs, which will give your audience a different taste.

The musicians of this Jazz band have been performing throughout England for many years, and they have a deep understanding and experience in vintage-style jazz music. They also sing well-known songs from some of the most famous musicians in Jazz history, such as Benny Goodman and Louis Prima.

Whether you need a jazz band for your wedding or an engagement party, this band will be the perfect choice for your event. They’re based in London and are available for hire throughout most of the UK.

If you need a band that can get people dancing at your next event—and keeps them dancing—the Vintage Jazz Gang is definitely worth checking out!

Best for Gypsy Jazz/Swing Music

The Gypsy Jazz Quartet:

Average Price: ₤850+
Location: London

Gypsy jazz, aka “jazz manouche,” is a style of music that originated in the Roma communities of France in the 1930s and combines elements of French musette waltz, Balkan folk music, and swing jazz. This genre of music is mainly characterized by fast tempos, intricate guitar playing, and a rhythmic pulse.

Between the 1930s to 1940s, this genre started to gain much popularity around the world. Basically, the upbeat and energetic nature of the music, as well as its improvisational elements, make it appealing to many people. The gypsy jazz festivals and events held in England and other countries have helped to increase the popularity of this music genre.

If you love this music genre and want to hire for your next corporate party or private event, then The Gypsy Jazz Quartet will be a great choice. This band is mainly a group of four talented musicians who specialise in playing the music of Django Reinhardt and other gypsy jazz artists. They have performed over 300 events, from private parties to corporate events, and have been hired by many clients for their versatility.

The Gypsy Jazz Quartet are professional musicians who know exactly how to get the crowd moving—whether you want them to be dancing in their seats or singing along at the top of their lungs. They’ve got an extensive repertoire of songs and will work closely with you to make sure all your favourites get played during your event.

If you’re looking to hire the best Jazz Band for your event, any of the four bands featured here will certainly do the job nicely. You can check out many bands in UK Live Entertainment. Whether you’ve been searching for a Blues band or a Swing band in the UK, chances are that you’ll find exactly what you need in one of these bands. Feel free to peruse my reviews above as suggestions, and then look around on these bands’ links given here for more details about their specific performance options.


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