TikToks Top 5 Viral Sleep Trends


According to UK Google Trend Data, the search term, how to get to sleep has received a 396% uplift, peaking in the last week. Such an uplift reflects the nations desire to obtain hacks that enhance their sleep hygiene and pave the way to healthy sleeping habits.

Martin Seeley at Mattress Next Day has analysed TikTok data to determine the top 5 viral sleep trends and reveals the science behind how they work. 

Tying a Sweatshirt Around the Head – 19 million views

Generating over 2.5 million likes, @calliegaley claims that the key to obtaining optimal sleep is by tying a jumper around the face. The video sees Gayley fold a sweater in half and place it over the top half on her head, leaving her nose and mouth exposed. Laying down, Callie then wraps the sleeves around the back of her head.

‘Wrapping a sweater around the head emulates the effect of deep pressure simulation which works to relax the central nervous system, boost the feel-good hormone serotonin, and increase levels of the sleep hormone melatonin’ says, Seeley. Essentially, the pressure applied by the sweater is easing the body’s fight or flight response and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging the body to relax and prepare for sleep.  In the same way that a baby is swaddled, this technique is likely to lead a person to feel enveloped in comfort and therefore safe.’

Cricket Feet – 22 million Views

Popularised by @notyouraveragethrpst Cricket Feet consists of rubbing your feet together to create an overall feeling of calm. 

According to Seeley, ‘rubbing your feet together is a form of self-soothing and boosts endorphins. Each foot contains approximately 200,000 nerve endings and when certain pressure points are hit, a feeling of calm pursues. 

Rubbing the feet together also diverts our attention away from intrusive thoughts that may sabotage our chances of falling asleep, working to ground us’.

Mouth Taping – 51.7 million views.

‘Mouth taping sees the person place tape over the mouth, forcing them to breath through their nose whilst sleeping’, explains Seeley. Enthusiasts of the trend claim that mouth taping reduces snoring a promotes a healthy sleep.

‘There is very little research to suggest that mouth taping plays a beneficial role in sleep’, says Seeley.  ‘In fact, interrupting your breathing whilst you’re asleep may be dangerous. 

Instead of mouth taping, partake in breathing exercises up to an hour before bedtime. This will boost melatonin, calm the nervous system and signal to the brain sleep is imminent.

Bed Rotting – 295.1 million views.

A duvet day has had a makeover as TikTok has rebranded it, bed rotting.  ‘Bed rotting is spending the majority of your waking day in bed’, says Seeley. Whether you are binge watching your favourite series, eating your favourite meals, or napping all day, bed rotting ensures that you partake in all your favourite things in the comfort of your bed. 

‘Participants often regard bed rotting the ultimate tool in self-care and when used occasionally, it can resurrect a person’s energy levels and focus. However, if you find that you are striving to partake in bed rotting at any opportunity, it may be time to evaluate whether you are experiencing burnout, depression, or anxiety.’

Magnesium over Melatonin – 102.6million views.

The theory of consuming Magnesium to obtain optimal levels of sleep is dominating TikTok. Magnesium can be found in foods such as spinach, Avocado, Quinoa and Black Beans and it can also be taken as a supplement. 

‘Research suggests that magnesium promotes sleep by controlling the neurotransmitter in the brain that calms the nervous system known as the GABA’, says Seeley. Magnesium has also been found to not only promote melatonin but supress the stress hormone cortisol as well as stimulate the neurotransmitter N-methyl-D-aspartate, encouraging the muscles to relax. 

A Magnesium supplement will need to be taken for one week to experience any of its effects.


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