How to Maintain a Quarantine Beard

How to Maintain a Quarantine Beard main

While women are going crazy with their visible grown out roots, men have been embracing their beards during lockdown. Not going outside for weeks or months on end has allowed them to experiment more freely with their facial hair. Although it is not a new trend, beards have been popular for a while thanks to celebrities such as George Clooney, some men have only just discovered that they can actually grow one but an unmaintained beard can quickly look unprofessional or even scruffy… We’ve put together some tips to help you take care of your facial hair at home.

Shape it

If you haven’t visited a barber yet or do not wish to go out, then deciding to trim your own beard could be a wise choice. In fact, there are many websites offering precise and professional scissors and razors but also trimmers and beard brushes. Do not compromise on quality and get good equipment if you are being serious about maintaining a beard.

Knowing your face shape could help you decide what beard style you should go for; triangle, round or oval, we would advise you to know yours before trimming your own beard. Make sure you comb your beard hair as straight as possible with a wide tooth comb, if you like the length then you could just decide to cut off the unwanted, uneven split ends. However, if you want to get rid of more hair, then using a trimmer is probably a good idea.

How to Maintain a Quarantine Beard hair

Don’t forget to shape the hair carefully around your neck and lips, in fact, this is where the magic happens, and where you go from cavemen to hottie. Make sure your moustache doesn’t go over your upper lips and that your neckline hair is above your Adam’s apple. You can also do a bit of additional research and find beard maintenance tips that can help the specific type of your beard.

Condition it

Just like the hair on your head, pampering your beard is essential. Treat it with a good beard shampoo and conditioner, this will make your beard shine and prevent any dirt from clogging your pores. Once this is done, you should apply some beard oil to soften the hair, keep that shine and moisturise the skin underneath.

If you find that your beard is itchy and has split ends, then that is definitely a sign that you should give it more TLC. Investing in good products should be your priority, a beard doesn’t have to look messy and unprofessional, in fact you would be surprised on how much your face will change if you give it a little bit of care.


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