Supernatural Meanings Behind Coldplay’s “Music Of The Spheres World Tour” Setlist


Coldplay will resume the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” in a few months, and while the world is waiting for them to embark on the last leg of their 8th career tour that has lasted 2 years, we decided to take a detour and investigate the acts conveyed in the setlist of their tour.

The British band has been entertaining their fans using this setlist for months now, sadly, only some know that the setlist was divided into acts and that these acts carry special meanings.

We made this discovery after meeting a few Coldplayers at Coldplay concerts and asked them their thoughts on the songs played in the concerts. Their replies were straightforward: the songs are amazing and deserve to be on the setlist.

Most of the people we talked to didn’t mention a thing about the acts that are defining the “Music of the Spheres” world tour, and we feel this is an important section of the tour to ignore.

Even if the songs are arranged according to these acts, people lack knowledge and knowing about them and listening to each song on the setlist with the knowledge can change the vibe one gets at Coldplay concerts.

We decided to put this out there for anyone who might not know about the acts conveyed in the setlist of the “Music of the Spheres World Tour,” and also reveal the supernatural meaning behind each act. The setlist of the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” is made up of 4 acts, and those are what we’ll be looking at as this article progresses.

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Act 1 – Planets

The general idea of Coldplay’s 8th stadium concert is to take their fans out of the earth, and into a different world. Keep in mind that the cover art of these songs explains deeply what the songs are about.

Although Coldplay released an album in 2021 – “Music of the Spheres” – which is associated with the “Music of the Spheres World Tour,” the setlist is made up of songs that are released through some of their previous albums, like “Ghost Stories.”

This is because most of these songs, even though released years apart, represent perfectly the idea of what an act is all about. That is why you’ll find songs like “Adventure of a Lifetime” on the setlist of the tour.

Act 1 in Coldplay’s setlist attempts to take the crowd out of the world. It marks the beginning of the journey which Coldplay’s tour is all about. Being knowledgeable of the acts will instantly give you the impression that Coldplay’s current concert is well planned.

The first song in Act 1 is “Flying” which is from “E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” This particular song talks about meeting an alien or a creature that is not from Earth, which is a possibility since you’re on a journey out of Earth.

The 2nd song, “Music of the Spheres,” takes the crowd through the galaxy and the many planets that one can explore. Safe to say, the songs in Coldplay’s Act 1 are perfectly arranged to prepare everyone in the concert for the 2nd Act, which we will be looking at next.

Act 2 – Moons

Ideally, when you leave the Earth, you see the moon first, and that’s why Coldplay’s 2nd act in the setlist defines the moon.

“Viva la Vida” opens up the floor when Coldplay gets to their 2nd act for the night. When you think of the moon, it gives a chill feeling – arguably, the kind of feeling you get when you dance, and that’s what “Viva la Vida” is all about.

The song sets the tempo that is like a celebration of leaving the earth or being free at last, to explore. The songs that follow after create an even clearer picture of what Act 2 represents.

Coldplay also acknowledges the fact that you must create space for growth. That’s why “Let Somebody Go” is also in Acts 2. However, in our case, we are letting the Earth go, and ready to explore the other planets. But, generally, this applies to our everyday life.

Also in Coldplay’s Act 2 are “Yellow,” and “Sunrise” which we believe shall be a magnificent view when seen from the galaxy. Next time when you’re at a Coldplay concert and “Sunrise” comes on, close your eyes and imagine viewing a sunrise from outer space.

We bet the feeling will not be the same as just vibing to the song without knowing what the song is trying to represent.

Act 3 – Stars

We especially love the fact that Coldplay tries to bring the stars to their fans in stadiums whenever they perform this act. Expectedly, the stars are the next thing you meet after the moon. The stadium lights up with starry lights visible enough for you to see regardless of where you’re standing in the stadium.

Hopefully, this makes you understand why Coldplay included “A Sky Full Of Stars” in the setlist of the tour, even with the fact that it was released in 2014, alongside “Ghost Stories.”

Every song in this act connects to the stars, in one way or the other. The cover art for “Something Just Like This” features a kid in a costume similar to that of Captain America, in the galaxy with the moon and stars surrounding him, and it is the 5th song under this act.

Coldplay also included “My Universe,” a song they collaborated on with BTS, the popular South Korean Pop group. “My Universe” especially represents a defiance of what has been tagged the usual. The band explored other fictional planets and even collaborated with a fictional band called, “Supernova 7” even when music was tagged illegal then.

Act 4 – Home

After going through Act 1, 2 and 3, Coldplay brings their fans back home by creating an idea of what home is all about in Act 4. In this act, we’re reminded that home is anywhere we say and believe it is, and not necessarily where we’re told it is.

One song in particular, “Biutyful” takes all the attention in this act. The song talks about discrimination in a supposed home, and forcing one to look for where they fit. Eventually, the hated become the most loved, thanks to finding where they fit and using what they had, which is music as shown in the music video.

At a point in time, people will forget what you look like, as long as you have something they cannot ignore. Discrimination is one thing “Humankind” practices hard. To an extent, it feels like humanity is only getting worse by the day.

But, what do you know? A Coldplay concert might be all you need to get away from whatever is weighing you down.

We love the way Coldplay arranged their acts in ascending order. The setlist of the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” can be used as a therapeutic process, if you hold to what they mean and try to sync each act as it is being performed by Coldplay during the concert.


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