5 Things To Anticipate In Coldplay’s Music of The Spheres World Tour


Coldplay is currently on the last lap of the Music of the Spheres World Tour, and part of the cities they will be visiting in this leg is Greece.

The Greeks have been supportive of Coldplay ever since the “Music of the Spheres” album was released. The album, upon its release, topped the country’s federal entertainment charts (IFPI Greece) and remained on the No.8th spot for a couple of weeks.

As a sign of appreciation, plus not to starve the “Coldplayers” there, Coldplay will be spending 2 nights in Athens, the Olympic Stadium to be precise. The British band and their opening act, “TBA” will be performing in Athens on the 8th of June, and the 9th of June. After which, they will make their way to Romania.

Coldplay band members have managed to retain the reputation of the Music of the Spheres world tour – so we are certain that when the tour eventually reaches Athens, it’ll be a memorable experience for the Coldplayers there, one we guarantee they will never forget.

When the Music of the Spheres began in 2022, the tour had some critical receptions from popular music critics who now feel like they had a glance into the future from the time they made their remarks.

One of those music critics who made her point clear was Marine Pineau. She said, “Coldplay lived up to their reputation as a live act,” while lauding the band for their showmanship. Everything about the Music of the Spheres world tour is, and has been amazing. From the stage arrangement and design, to programmed fireworks and PixMob for uniformity.

And PixMob for uniformity is the least of what to expect if you haven’t attended any of Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres concerts. There are certain activities designed for Coldplayers to engage in, which have proven effective and have placed Coldplay as a whole, on the top of the list of entertainers with the well-being of the earth at heart.

Before we go into details of 5 things to anticipate in Coldplay’s music of the Spheres World Tour, we won’t pretend to not know how tickets to the shows in Athens are still in high demand, and somewhat inaccessible. But don’t worry, we’ve found an alternative solution. A ticket marketplace where you can easily get Coldplay Athens tickets to enjoy the show to the fullest.

Anticipate Kinetic Floor Sections of the Concert Venue

Ever since the Music of the Spheres World Tour started back in 2022, Coldplay vowed to minimize the negative impact of the tour on the earth by reducing their CO2 emissions. This has come to be one of the most ideal ways for Coldplay to get even more intimate with their fans, “Coldplayers.”

All around the concert venue, kinetic floor sections are scattered for fans to dance on, to generate energy which will be used to power the show, all through. Those who have danced on these floors confessed it to be an amazing experience.

Plus, you also get the feeling of fulfillment any time Coldplay gets recognized for being “Green Earth Ambassadors.” You know instantly that you participated in making that possible, so be on the lookout for kinetic dancing floors.

Additionally, from previous venue settings, there are bicycles stationed in the concert venues. They do the same thing as kinetic floors. Fans usually engage in these cycles when Coldplay goes on a break after performing.

But they are also a good way to go searching for “Something Just Like This,” even though they are stationary. Nonetheless, anticipate them.

Anticipate Dazzling Fireworks

The Music of the Spheres World Tour has been praised for the amazing fireworks displayed during the show and at the end. Fans say the biggest firework is used to signal the end of the show. Once the sky lights up brighter than before, Coldplayers know that the night is done.

Coldplay and their touring team have managed to keep up with this tradition, and it has become one of the most anticipated parts of the concert. Aside from fireworks, other light displays make the concert amazing.

Take the PixMob band for instance. We hear that Coldplay replaced Xylobands with PixMob because they are made of 100% compostable materials. We also hear that the bands are controlled by a software engineer who tries to make the bands light up in sync mode with certain performances of Coldplay.

The sad part of the PixMob band is that not everyone gets one. So, you better be on the lookout for them at the concert venue or better still, get one from Coldplay’s official web store.

Anticipate Turn-up of Surprise Guests

Y’all must have heard of the time Selena Gomez appeared on stage to perform, “Let Somebody Go,” alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and H.E.R.

Aside from the fact that Coldplay collaborated with H.E.R. on “Let Somebody Go,” Coldplay’s concerts are usually packed with celebrities. Some of them like H.E.R., Chvrches, and Yakuza, are officially listed as supporting acts. However, we refer to those celebrities who are not listed but are special guests on the tour.

Sometimes, when celebrities are less busy, they tend to want to crash the concerts of their friends. Coldplay, especially Chris Martin, seems to have a long list of celebrities who might want to crash their concert while in Athens. If you keep an eye out, you just might be lucky to catch a glimpse of one or two while at the Olympic Stadium.

Anticipate Being Picked To Perform Alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin On-Stage

It happens every time. Coldplay chooses a fan to climb on stage and perform a special song with Chris Martin. You might be the lucky one. But for that to happen, ensure you’re standing close to the stage. This way, you’ll be able to get Martin’s attention with your enthusiasm towards his performance.

Most times, Chris reads the signs held up by fans before making his selection. The signs being held up by fans in the concert have contributed to the setlist in the most amazing way possible.

Imagine holding up a sign for a special song request, and Chris decides to perform that song or a sign that begs Martin to bring you up the stage and he honors your request. Since there’s no harm in trying, you can give it a try.

Anticipate A Sky Full Of Stars

We’d like to take you back to Coldplay’s performance of “A Sky Full of Stars” at River Plate Stadium. The performance started with the PixMobs of the fans coming on all at once and the stadium’s light going off, leaving just the light from the bands of thousands of people.

The next was drone coverage of the entire stadium from above, and the images were displayed on the gigantic screens of the stadium. The next view was that of “A Sky Full of Stars,” all thanks to the remarkable usage of drones, PixMob bands, and a software engineer who is very good at his job.

Seeing that the Olympic Stadium has a standard capacity of 75k people when used for concert purposes, the venue will be big enough for Coldplay to recreate “A Sky Full of Stars.”


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