10 Times Rammstein Broke Attendance Record Amidst Their Stadium Tour


Rammstein started their 12th career tour in 2019. At the time the tour started, a lot of people thought it was going to be regular live entertainment, but they were wrong.

The German band exceeded everyone’s expectations and has broken many records, like attendance records within the same tour.

It’s unusual for a band to break their attendance record within the same tour. This feat is attained when 2 of the band’s tours are compared. This will indicate the greatness the band has achieved from their previous tour and the one it is being compared to.

But Rammstein has played outside the book. Their 12th career tour, “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” is currently in its 5th and final leg. Europe has been the beneficiary of this tour, with North America hosting just 1, out of the 5 legs the band has organized for their 12th Career tour.

Within the 4 legs that Europe has had to host the German Band, the band has visited and re-visited many countries. This is now the foundation upon which this article is based.

This shows the level of intimacy Rammstein has with their fans in Europe. Even though not all are happy with being left out, especially places where Rammstein fans are located but not on the list of locations to host the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”

Rammstein re-visiting the same countries again turned out to be a record-breaking spree as the band continuously broke attendance records in the same countries where their fans seemed not to get enough of them.

This is happening, even though getting “Rammstein Stadium Tour” tickets is another level of stress, which is why we suggest an alternative ticket marketplace where you can get Rammstein Tickets.

We will be looking at the 10 times Rammstein broke attendance records amidst their stadium tour, so sit back, relax and enjoy the read.


When Rammstein visited Germany for the 1st leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” they met a large number of their fans who had anticipated their coming for a long time.

The result was that so many people turned up for the concert, more than expected. The show was so massive that even people who couldn’t make it into the stadium had a good time.

Here’s the crazy part. During Rammstein’s first visit to the Olympiastadion, the turn-up was more than 72k people.

When they came back during the tour’s 2nd leg, they met X2 of the people they met the first time in Olympiastadion. This time, Rammstein had to perform to close to 140k people in Berlin.

This marked the beginning of their attendance record-breaking spree.


Rammstein then took the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” to Austria during the 1st leg of the tour. The band performed for 2 nights at Ernst-Happel-Stadion, entertaining more than 104k people.

This number is way more than they had the chance to entertain the last time they were there.  What’s great is that Rammstein has always included Austria in their schedules anytime they plan a live performance.

It’s great to see the number of people that usually turn up for their concerts growing with each concert.


Belgium is one of the favourite countries that Rammstein likes to visit. Maybe this is because of the support the people there always show for their craft.

Attendance is always something to marvel at. For instance, when Rammstein took the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” there in 2019, they performed at King Baudouin Stadium, where more than 43k people turned up for the concert.

Their visit to Belgium in 2022, for the 2nd leg of the tour was met with more than 93k people, and their performance this time was in Park De Nieuwe Koers.


Now, we know a live performance wouldn’t be complete without Europe in the schedule, isn’t it? Rammstein knows this well enough, and they have broken their attendance record there as well.

Rammstein took their 12th career tour to England on the 6th of July, 2019. The band performed in Stadium MK, to a crowd of more than 31k.

The band went back again the 2nd time, and this time, they performed to more than 40k people in Coventry Building Society Arena, in 2022, during the 2nd leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”


“Rammstein Stadium Tour” concert was filled with more than 73k people in Paris La Défense Arena, when the band visited France in 2019, during the first leg of their stadium tour.

The band later broke their attendance record there, when they went back the 2nd time in 2022, after having an attendance of more than 103k people, with the concert held in Groupama Stadium, Lyon.

Even though these were 2 different locations within France, it clearly shows how much their fan base increased between the 1st and 2nd leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”


Stade De Suisse had a total of 41,324 people present on the 5th of June when Rammstein took the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” there.

The anticipation seemed to have grown bigger after Rammstein’s first visit, since when they went back in the 2nd leg, they met more than 93k people present at Stadion Letzigrund.

This means that Rammstein’s first visit was a way maker for more fans to join the train of entertainment.


During Rammstein’s first visit to Norway amidst the “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” the band performed at Ullevaal Stadion, on the 18th of August.

Reports had it that more than 30k people made it to the concert on that night. This would’ve been a good number, but the 2nd visit countered the fact and doubled the number.

Rammstein went back to Norway the 2nd time. This time, they had more than 60k people in their concert, which they held at Bjerke Travbane on the 24th of July, 2022.


Rammstein visited Sweden on the 14th of August, 2019 – performing the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” concert in Stockholm Stadion. The concert had an attendance of more than 31k people which was an insane number, especially compared to their previous visit in other tours.

Rammstein went back to Sweden on the same tour, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of July 2022, during the 2nd leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” and their visit accumulated a total of 180k people in attendance, for the 3 nights they spent there.


Rammstein broke their attendance record by more than 30k people when they re-visited Spain during the 4th leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”

Their first visit was on the 1st of June, 2019. Where the band performed in RCDE Stadium, Barcelona, during the 1st leg of their stadium tour.

The German band went back to Spain, and this time performed in a bigger Stadium, which has a capacity of 70k+ people, creating the space they needed to host more people.


Rammstein had their concert in Tampere,  the most populous inland city of Finland, for 2 days. The band performed at the city’s Ratina Stadium, where close to 62k people turned up for the show.

Their 2nd visit was met with an insane number of people, at Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Way more than they had entertained in the 1st leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.” 


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