Eight Effective Ways to Choose the Best Novel Writing Classes

Eight Effective Ways to Choose the Best Novel Writing Classes (2)

Aspiring novel authors all around the world are always looking for ways to improve their writing skills. One of the most common and beneficial among these ways is to enrol in a trusted novel writing class.

While aspiring authors are really interested in learning from these courses, one thing they all wonder about is how to choose the best option for themselves. After all, there are so many institutions out there claiming to be an expert on the subject.

If you are also facing the same question, here are some of the best tips that can help you.

1. Know Your Instructor

Before you look for any other details about a novel writing class, the most important thing for you to know is who will be leading the course. After all, everyone has the right to know who will lead them in a cause they are so passionate about.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to look up who your instructor for your course will be. Take a deep dive into their profile, look at their personal experience, and explore their qualifications to lead you to become a professional author.

2. Go Through the Curriculum

There are a variety of novel writing courses out there that can help aspiring authors achieve their goals. You cannot expect just about any course to help you achieve your writing goals. It takes time and research to find the right options.

Before you find your ideal novel writing class, evaluate each curriculum to see if it covers the elements of novel writing that you want to discover.

Make sure to see several options and ensure that the topics you want to learn are covered in the curriculum.

3. Look into the Reviews

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right novel writing course is reading its online reviews. It is likely that the course you are considering has been studied by other aspiring writers as well. What these writers have to say about these classes can help you a lot in making your decision.

Take your time to look for detailed reviews that highlight both the positive and negative aspects of the courses. You can read these reviews on course writers and other educational websites to make your final decision.

4. Choose the Right Class Size

Novel writing classes come in different sizes. Some classes may have hundreds of students, and others may have only a few. Different class sizes can impact students differently based on their preferences and learning styles.

Smaller novel writing classes offer you a more personalised experience. They can open you up to opportunities for in-depth discussions and one-on-one mentorship to hone your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

On the contrary, larger novel writing classes offer a better opportunity for peer interaction and diverse perspectives.

Since both options have their own pros and cons, choosing the best route can feel like making an overwhelming decision. Reading reviews can help you make a better choice to ensure your best interest.

Eight Effective Ways to Choose the Best Novel Writing Classes (1)

5. Prioritise Flexibility

You must always look for flexibility while choosing the right novel writing classes. This search for flexibility does not only have to be limited to the timing of the course but also several other aspects, such as its duration, access to course materials, and deadlines.

Depending on your schedule, you may also want to consider if these classes are live or pre-recorded for flexible access.

Take some time to figure out the best choice for yourself according to your schedule and availability. This way, you can balance your writing practice with other responsibilities.

6. Seek Interactive Sessions

While seeking the ideal writing course, you must always remember not to settle for one-sided classes. Of course, there must be a lot you can learn from the talks of a recognized author, but that should not be enough.

It is better to seek courses that incorporate interactive sessions. These sessions may include writing workshops, detailed discussions, and writing workshops. Small interactions at regular intervals can keep your morale boosted throughout your writing journey.

These sessions can enhance your learning experience and on your journey to write a brilliant novel.

7. Consider Feedback Methods

The importance of feedback is understood by all authors. They know that it can be an ideal way to improve their skills and bring out the best in their work. You may also seek feedback to be a necessary part of your novel writing classes, but that information should not be enough for you to make a decision.

You must also look for ways to provide feedback to aspiring authors in a certain course. Several methods, such as written form, live discussions, or one-on-one sessions, are used to provide authors with feedback. You must choose the right course for yourself according to your preferences.

8. Choose the Venue

The venue you choose for your course matters a lot. Of course, most people prefer online courses in this technology-driven world. However, that does not undermine the preferences of people seeking an in-person course for a more personalised experience.

Both methods have their pros and cons that you must weigh in order to make your final decision.

Live courses

Live writing courses offer immediate feedback and discussions, which can sound very favourable to most writers. However, attending these courses can also be inconvenient because you must be present during the scheduled sessions.

If you feel you can ensure your presence for every session of the live courses, this option might be a good choice for you. These courses can also act as an accountability partner for you.

Online courses

Online courses offer a variety of options for aspiring authors. Some require a fixed schedule for completion, and others let you complete relying on your own pace.

However, many aspiring authors agree that these courses can become very isolating and you may feel a lack of motivation. If you are self-motivated, online courses can be very convenient. But, it is better to avoid them if you lose motivation easily.


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