The Coldstones Cut – Yorkshire’s Biggest & Highest Artwork

coldstones cut yorkshire panorama

The Coldstones Cut is an iconic piece of public art built into the hilltop at Coldstones Quarry, above Pateley Bridge in the heart of Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

Created by the renowned artist, Andrew Sabin, the sculpture is designed in the shape of a spectacular ‘cut’ through the land. Visitors are  able to walk through the sculpture and explore the different vistas – from the stunning scenery of Nidderdale, to major landmarks of North Yorkshire. A special viewing platform presents the opportunity to see the day-to-day workings of the impressive Coldstones Quarry and experience a sense of living history through man’s impact, past and present, on our landscape.

The feature is Yorkshire’s biggest and highest work of art.

Photographer Paul Harris captures the installation process in this collection of images.

Gallery below

Commissioned photography by Paul Harris –
To view and buy a copy of The Coldstones Cut book, please contact Paul Harris on 01423 755286
words: Biddy Noakes



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