Skydiving National Championships Returns To Yorkshire


A national competition in skydiving is set to return to Yorkshire this weekend. And Skydive GB Parachute Club near Bridlington hosts the National Championships in Accuracy for 2021.

Sporting legends from across the UK are to descend on the club for the competition, which is believed to be the first one held on the site in over 15 years. In the 1970’s and 80’s this was a regular competition held at Grindale.

Skydiving National Championships

Bill Rule, is the Vice Chairman of Skydive GB Parachute Club and also a competitor. He said “Competitive skydiving at a National level really is a welcome return for us at the club. We’re pleased to be putting the club back on the map for UK skydiving. And with views like ours we’re sure they’ll love it!

“Last year we placed a hosting bid with British Skydiving, our sport’s governing body. Thankfully, they accepted.”

“Incredible experience”

The Skydiving National Championships sees experienced parachutists aim for a 2cm pad on a specially designed air-filled tuffet. The best scorers could not only go on to win the individual and team competitions but also be chosen to represent Great Britain at the next World Championships.

“This is known as a selection year for the world championships next year,” said Bill. “Those top scorers will go on to represent Great Britain at the 2022 FAI World Championships in the Czech Republic. The chance of competing at world level is an incredible experience. And participants will be really pushing themselves to make the cut.”

As well as the ‘Classic’ category with specially designed accuracy parachutes, parachutists with a more conventional style parachute will be able to enter a ‘Sport’ category where they aim for a larger target. This makes the competition much more accessible to less experienced skydivers. It also gives them a real insight into the discipline.

The Skydiving National Championships competition runs between 10th & 12th September 2021


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