Uncertain How Brexit Will Affect Your Travel Plans? Avoid the Confusion and Chill Out at Home With Snozone

snozone brexit travel confusion launch party

Uncertain how Brexit will affect your travel plans? Avoid the confusion and chill out at Home With Snozone

Snozone Start-of-Season launch party ‘flips’ winter and summer seasons

The triggering of Article 50 has started a new era in the UK’s history as negotiations start to leave the EU. Understandably this makes us uncertain in many areas, one of which being travelling overseas. The pound has been on a rocky road since the referendum with some of us concerned on how we’ll be welcomed by Europeans abroad. One option is to embrace the “staycation” and explore ways to entertain ourselves for some brief respite at home and this includes alternative days out.

snozone brexit travel confusion launch party indoor skiingApril traditionally heralds the end of the winter holidays but if you’re unsure about confirming that last minute foreign trip, or crave the exhilaration of snowsports all year round, Snozone has flipped winter and summer seasons around in 2017 with a big ‘start of season’ launch party on Saturday 29th April.

There’ll be free skiing and snowboarding coaching from the resident experts, family activities and reduced prices on slope passes.

The slopes are quieter, snow quality improves and you get more space to perfect your skills

Snozone, the indoor real snow slopes operator in Milton Keynes and Yorkshire offers great snow all year round. There’s no need to pack your snow gear away when Easter ends until October and no need to board a plane.

Why ski or snowboard in the spring or summer? The slopes are quieter, the snow quality improves and you get more space to perfect your skills and confidence. The spring and summer season at Snozone also generates great promotions so you get even more value for every pound spent, and no currency fluctuations.

For more details on Snozone’s activities please visit snozoneuk.com


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