Classic Ibiza, Harewood House 2019 – Event Review

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Classic Ibiza, Harewood House

Event Review, July 2019

by Charlotte Broadhead

A night of incredible music inspired by the infamous White Isle? Sign me up! Armed with glitter, glow sticks and my best dancing shoes I made my way to Harewood House for the 2019 ‘Classic Ibiza’ event. After a minor satnav mishap, I arrived at the beautiful grounds of Harewood House. Greeted by tempting food vans, a sea of picnic stations and a nice choice of pop-up bars, I rolled out my trusty blanket and settled in for the first performance.

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Founded by Stephen Hussey and co-directed by Natasha Beckman, The Urban Soul Orchestra have been successfully working in the music industry for over 25 years and judging by the first act it was easy to see why! Opening the show with some zen tunes such as ‘Here With Me’ (Dido) and ‘Moments In Love’ (Art of Noise) the vocalists immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd. Flawlessly integrating both dance and classical music, the orchestra provided the perfect atmosphere for a warm summer’s evening of drinking and dancing.

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“Energetic and a little bit sweaty

Accompanying the Orchestra was DJ Goldilocks (aka Sam Hall), dripping in sequins and exuding the true Ibiza feeling, she ramped up the dance vibe during the interval, and despite the temptations of ice creams and crepes more and more people were drawn to the dance arena. Sparkly, energetic and a little bit sweaty, myself and the rest of the crowd boogied our way into the second half. Mega dance anthems such as ‘Insomnia’ (Faithless), ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ (Corona) and ‘Giant’ (Calvin Harris and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man) pulsed into the night as we saw the sunset give way to a colourful light show on both the stage and reflected onto the main residence. By this point it was only my cautionary raincoat serving as a reminder that I was, in fact, still in England.

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An encore later, the evening drew to a close and people eventually dispersed seamlessly back to car parks and pick-up points. Huge credit to the event’s organisers who made the entire process so easy. Experiences such as this are really why Classic Ibiza stands out from the rest as being a suitable and enjoyable family event. A cheeky CD purchase meant that I continue singing along throughout the whole drive home, safe in the knowledge that next year I’ll be driving to West Yorkshire for the returning concert rather than the airport!

Images: George Heaton


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