Reasons to Start Cycling in Yorkshire

Reasons to Start Cycling in Yorkshire road

Ever since the Tour De France cycled its way through the Yorkshire counties in 2014, cycling has proven to be very popular. It’s still pretty common place to drive through towns and see bike decorations. Now, of course, there’s also the Tour De Yorkshire, with more and more people hopping on to their bikes. Whether it’s to enjoy the scenery, or benefit the environment, what will have you on your bike?

Day Trip

There really is nothing quite like Yorkshire countryside: the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, or along the coast. In any compass direction, you’re going to find a beautiful spot. What better way to explore the region than hopping on your bike? You can find plenty of routes and trails online, based on ability and distance. Grab your bike, a friend, and some water and explore your own neighbourhood.

Reasons to Start Cycling in Yorkshire forest


Cycling to work has so many benefits. It saves you time in traffic, it cuts down on air pollution and it gives you exercise. Not to mention it can cut down on your petrol costs. People in Yorkshire are being encouraged to get on their bikes to realise these benefits. Brompton Bikes, a foldable bike company, encouraged people to cycle to work. When it came to a race between the cyclist and the car, the cyclist got into work quicker. Foldable bikes can be a great option for you to consider if locking up your bike is a concern. The more bikes we get on the road, the better.

Work Out

Not everyone can afford a gym membership. Or maybe you don’t like the gym. It could be that running isn’t your speed either. Cycling is a fantastic way of getting a daily dose of exercise in. As mentioned above, you could make it part of your commute. Or you could do half an hour of cycling every day. Being out and about on a bike is far better than those stationary ones at the gym. You can actually see a bit more of the world, rather than just stare at a wall or other gym-goers. You could get to know your neighbourhood better and give yourself different daily routes.

Reasons to Start Cycling in Yorkshire sunset

Meet New People

As cycling has increased in popularity in Yorkshire, so have the number of cycling clubs. If you want to take your love of cycling to the next level, you could join a club. This way you can meet new people who share your passion, as well as discover new cycling routes you never knew about. As well as get advise on equipment, and getting the best experience from biking. Plus, this being Yorkshire, no doubt some of the meetings will end with a visit to the pub, and a well-deserved pint. Or two.


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