New Cycling Circuits in The Morvan

New Cycling Circuits in The Morvan lake

The Morvan Regional Nature Park, in association with the local municipalities of the Morvan, has just created a whole network of sporty or more touristic cycling trails. Whether you are a lover of life on two wheels, of heritage or of nature, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy them with the family, with friends or with that special someone, there is surely a circuit that is perfect for you.

New Cycling Circuits in The Morvan woods

For Lovers of Big Thrills or Long Rides

Two major itineraries have been carved out to help you dive into the landscapes of the Morvan. Marked out on the IGN map, although they are not signposted you can download the maps and the GPX trails.

  • The sporty 358km trail, which is pretty challenging, provides countless viewpoints and takes you to the « Great Hills of the Morvan ».
  • The touristic 304km trail is linked to other cycling routes (the Tour de Bourgogne à Vélo ® and the Greenway trails).

New Cycling Circuits in The Morvan track

For Those Who Love One-Day Rides

Four discovery circuits in a one-day format covering around 100 km form a loop that touches on four delights of the massif, from north to south. Marked out on the IGN map, although they are not signposted you can download the maps and the GPX trails.

  • The Avallonnais circuit leads to sites and valleys in search of bocage hedgerows and wide-open landscapes via Avallon and Vézelay.
  • The Autunois circuit, across the peaks of Burgundy, runs from Bois du Roi to Bibracte and heads back down into the Arroux Valley to reach Uchon, the magnificent “Pearl of the Morvan”.
  • The Great Lakes of the Morvan circuit leads from lakes to rivers so that you can discover the 6 Great Lakes and reservoirs of the Morvan.
  • The Morvan Summits circuit, departing from Château-Chinon, passes the gorges of La Canche before climbing to Haut-Folin and on to Larochemillay and Mont Genièvre.

New Cycling Circuits in The Morvan river

For Those Who Love Half-Day Loops

Nineteen loops from 14 to 50 kilometres These loops that dot the whole area boast their own specific signposting. They are aimed at people with an average level of sporting ability and can be enjoyed by children from 12 years of age who cycle regularly. Itinerary profiles are also provided on the information sheets, as well as details of the climbing involved, the meaning of the markings and the colour of the signposts. These circuits employ the same colour scheme as ski runs to indicate difficulty from green to black, ensuring that there are no nasty surprises and that you know exactly what awaits you.

This project also includes: 26 hills that fall under the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and have been identified and showcased through information panels that run all the way up from the foot of the hill. For more information, a topography guide for cyclists is available free from the tourist offices of the Morvan.

Two essential web sites: For on foot or horseback, visit:,
for bikes visit:
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All images: Alain Doire – BFC Tourisme


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