Majorca is the Perfect Place for Cycling Enthusiasts

Majorca is the perfect place for cycling enthusiasts main

If you are ready to try a new experience and seek new challenges and adventures then look no further than Majorca for your next cycling holiday. You can explore and discover this beautiful island in new and unforgettable ways.

If you are passionate about everything on two wheels and at every opportunity grab your bike and hit the road, then why not take your passion on holiday with you. Whether you are looking for a quick weekender trip, or a full week to indulge your love of cycling and push yourself to the limit, Majorca can cater for everyone.

There are some absolutely incredible guided tours available, that will show you new part of the island you will never have seen before. Ranging from easy to difficult, the routes are between 67km and 133 km, with elevations between 555m and 2,914 m. So no matter your ability you can still challenge yourself and bring your training to the next level.

And the surroundings are second to none. Gorgeous mediterranean climate, sweeping coastal views, and awe inspiring hills and mountains with vistas across the island, you’ll discover every hidden spot in Majorca cruising along the winding roads. You will never feel more alive.

Professional training camps to help you meet your goals

With the island being so perfect for cyclist, it has become somewhat of a mecca for those wishing to push themselves to ever greater levels of ability, stamina, performance and strength.

And with that some of the best training camps have been set up in Majorca to help people do just that. With professional experts on hand to help you reach your goals and planned stages built to hone your skills you will be reaching new heights in no time at all.

Majorca is the perfect place for cycling enthusiasts spainAdded to that you will have full support during the camp, with support cars, refueling stops and maintenance assistance you can really concentrate on the physical challenge rather than the practical aspects of the challenge.

Challenge yourself with tough cycling events

Majorca also has some demanding and exhilarating cycling events you can take part in when you are ready for the challenge. The Gran Fondo races are a popular favourite with cyclists the world over. With sacrifice, dedication and training it is a great way to discover your limits and how to push through them .

There are also the prestigious race, the Mallorca 312. With three free choice courses of 312, 225 and 167 km, the route is completely closed to traffic and offers a unique experience and a chance to safely push yourself. It also has an amazing atmosphere, despite being a race, it has a true feeling on companionship between riders and the public are supportive, friendly and excited to be part of all. Whatever your level imagine the feeling as you cross the finish line and being part of those few lucky enough to do so.

Let the experts plan your trip to Majorca

With Arrivo Cycling you will have a team of expert cyclists at your disposal. Not only experts in cycling, they have extensive knowledge of each and every road across the island. And these experts come with distinction, such as on Ander, World Champion Ar World series in 2014 and 2015, Joan Horrach, professional cyclist or Miquel Franco. This is a passion for them too.

Added to this, airport transfers and accommodation are arranged for you, bike transportation from the airport can be included, or alternatively special equipment can be hired. Bike storage available, mechanical assistance, support car on route and daily guided tours. Everything can be catered for and allow you to truly enjoy this phenomenal experience.


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