Fold-Up Bicycle – Meet the Mezzo

fold-up bicycle the mezzo

By Matthew Peacock

This bike is causing a stir wherever it is seen. This British-designed machine is the perfect bike for those who want to cycle but have no space. And with fuel prices getting higher and more towns and cities bringing in congestion charges, the day of the folding bike is coming.

fold-up bicycle bike The Mezzo has several unique features that leave the competition seriously lacking:

  1. It doesn’t fold on the frame. Because the frame has no hinge to be re-enforced it is very light. Also, because the frame is now one solid structure the ride quality is superb.
  2. The steering assembly, while looking a little unconventional, means that there is no twitchy steering, giving you a safe and comfortable ride. You will not feel like you are riding a folder but a ‘normal’ big wheeled bike.
  3. All the parts on the Mezzo are standard bike parts. This might not seem important, but if you ever need a spare, being able to go in to any bike shop and pick one up is a major advantage over going back to the original supplier.
  4. The Mezzo folds down in to such a small size, you can easily get two in the boot of an average car or the luggage space behind your train seat. A certain member of the royal family has one in the back of her helicopter.
  5. When it is folded all the moving parts are on the inside. So while rushing for your train you won’t get oil on you or any other passenger

So whether you are looking to get from the station to the office, just nipping to the shops, or just want a comfy easy bike to ride, then the Mezzo might be the answer.


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