Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet – Review

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review orange

By Adam Spry

I’ve been opting to hit the road on my bike recently, so it’s been a while since I ventured out on my mountain bike. The recent cold (and snow) snap has inspired me to dust off my old mountain-dwelling steed and head to some nearby Yorkshire trails.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out The Endura Singletrack – a helmet I’ve been meaning to test for a while now. Designed with a few key principles in mind, the Singletrack is: super lightweight; offers good all-round protection; and is as diverse in its styling as Endura’s often colourful clothing range.

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review cycling

In the box

I am testing a L/XL size Orange Singletrack Helmet. In addition to the helmet itself, you also get two sets of antibacterial, fast wicking, removable padding – one with an integrated bug net, perfect for summer rides.

There is a removable visor and as with all Endura helmets, it is covered by the Endura Crash Replacement program, which states that if within three years from the date of purchase you damage the helmet during a fall, Endura will propose the purchase of a new model at the equivalent of 50% of the market price.

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review visorAesthetics

Out of the box, the Singletrack is bold in both its colourway and styling. The luminous – almost electric – orange is hard to ignore and whilst I quite like the colour, it will not be everyone’s cup of tea; but the helmet does also come in green and blue.

Endura have opted for a matte finish for the Singletrack and I must admit it looks great. In my experience, matte finishes are often more resilient to general wear and tear than glossy finishes.
The Singletrack boasts an extended rear-wrap design, which offers extra protection for the lower head.

The visor does not perfectly match the helmet colour, but it’s only noticeable if you examine it under good lighting, so not really a huge issue.

Fit & Feel

The Singletrack has been designed with versatility in mind when it comes to fit and it comes in three sizes:

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review sizes

However, having weighed my L/XL version, it actually weighed in at:

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review measure

So, whilst not completely in line with Endura’s stated weights, it’s still impressively light for a helmet that offers such great protection. During my test ride, the helmet felt light, yet secure and it didn’t irritate me as much as some of the heavier helmets I’ve tried over the years.

You can adjust the circumference quickly using the rear adjustable fit system. In addition to this, you can alter the vertical positioning of the helmet using the 3-position vertical adjustment feature. Taking a little extra time to set your helmet up right will help reduce hot spots and chaffing, and will make your overall riding experience much more comfortable. The extended rear-wrap design fits the head snugly, and I found that it instilled a little extra confidence whilst riding.

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review topExtra Features

The Singletrack has a neat little reflective patch on the rear of the helmet, which is good for those of you who either commute to and from work, or get caught short with the sunlight in winter months. The padding is not generous, but it is just about sufficient, which I prefer.

I especially like that the helmet came with a spare set of padding, as I hate nothing more than putting on a helmet that is still wet with sweat from a ride the previous day. As a bonus, one of the sets has an integrated bug net – I’m not sure how effective it would be, but it’s a nice thought.

The Singletrack incorporates Endura’s ClearThru air vents, which are supposed to, “maximise air flow with minimal vent narrowing technology.” In all honesty, given test day conditions, it was difficult to tell if it was the vents or the weather that kept me cool – maybe I’ll provide an update to the review in the summer!

The visor on the Singletrack sits slightly too low for my liking. When trying to keep an eye on my line as well as what’s coming up ahead, I found it often obscured my long sight vision. Whilst you can remove the visor, it would be great if it was as adjustable as the overall fit.

Endura Singletrack E1502 Cycle Helmet Review green


The Endura Singletrack is a great looking, well-fitted helmet – especially for a helmet in this price bracket. The helmet is super adjustable, strong in styling, lightweight and well fitted. I would certainly recommend this helmet to my friends if they were looking for a solid performer on a budget.

The Endura Singletrack Helmet is RRP £82.99 from westbrookcycles.co.uk and other cycling retailers


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