Brant Richards and Geometric Cycling

brant richards geometric cycling

By Matthew Peacock

There’s a brand new name causing quite a stir in the world of mountain bike design – Brant Richards – and he just so happens to hail from Yorkshire.

Brant has been in the cycling industry for 20 years, moving from shops to magazines to bike design. His new Ragley Frame is based on geometry perfect for our region’s steep, rocky, technical trails.

The techy bits… the frame is designed to be ridden with 140mm travel forks with a short stem so it’s an absolute blast to take the bike down the drops, steps and obstacles, yet it can be ridden as a comfy all day mountain bike. All the frames are built with a unique 3-finger bridge giving loads of mud clearance – essential in the UK.

brant richardsThere are three models which are all built to the same geometry:

  1. The Blue Pig is built from 4130 Chromoly steel, giving a smooth, comfortable and bombproof ride.
  2. The MMMBop is built from aluminium giving a lighter, sharper ride than the Blue Pig.
  3. The Ti is the top of the line. Built in America by world famous Lynskey out of titanium giving the smooth ride of steel, the lightweight of aluminium and with a unique extra spring that only titanium can give.

Strange names? They’re all take inspiration by Brant’s native Calderdale. Ragley is the wood local to Brant, where 99% of the testing happens. Blue Pig is a working men’s club in Todmorden, again close to Brant’s home. MMMbop is the name of a techy descent –again close to Brant. Ti is the only obvious one – it is of Titanium construction.

If you have an interest in cycling and a Yorkshire bias, why not check them out.


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