5 Creative Bicycles with the Coolest Designs

5 creative bicycles with the coolest designs main

When it comes to bike manufacturing, we’ve seen many unique designs over the years. While some have been inspired by vintage models from medieval times, others paint a picture of what the future of personal transportation will look like.

However, this has not stopped bike makers from coming up with ever more creative and cool designs that will almost immediately grab your attention. Check out the following exciting bike models that will surprise you with their looks.


This unusual bicycle is still in production, but if it does launch you’ll be able to sit between two huge wheels that can transport you between land and water with little hassle. The special design was conceived by the Amsterdam firm, GBO.

It is basically a cross between a boat and bike and would be the perfect vehicle to help get you across canals and other wet areas without getting soaked.


Elliptigo was inspired by the design of an elliptical gym cross trainer to come up with a crazy-looking type of bike. It is a compact bike that you can only ride while standing and offers you a full-body workout while eliminating any back or neck pains that are generally associated with the posture of a traditional bike frame.

This folding exercise bike features minimal strain compared to regular bikes and would be a great choice for anybody with limited physical abilities.


Half-bike was built to be an efficient means of transport that uses the same principle of cycling while offering an entirely different experience in getting around. This bike functions by making use of pedal steering, which is controlled by a pair of handlebars.

It has large front wheels that allow you to get up to speeds of 20mph. The bike doesn’t come with a seat, meaning you have to remain in a standing posture throughout the ride. However, this position offers you the perfect vision of what’s in front of you. With this bike, you’ll go faster than a scooter with some extra electric bike kit while avoiding the strain of a heavy bike.You might even look cool while you’re at it!

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Forkless Bike

The forkless bike is another strange creation that might cause your jaw to drop. Also known as the Phantom bike, it has no front forks and looks like something close to the seventies’ dragster bikes.

This weird yet wonderfully designed bicycle is the brainchild of Olli Erkilla, who have a reputation for coming up with out-of-this-world creations. Instead of a front fork, the bike makes use of a cleverly curved frame that provides support to the front handlebars. Meanwhile, the front wheel is attached on one side which utilises a smart arm mechanism to steer the bike.

Cardboard Bike

The Cardboard bike was designed by Cardboard Technologies to reduce the cost of owning a bike. The bike is still a prototype, but the company has plans of launching it into the market by next year.

According to the company, this bike will retail for around $60 (£48), which should be music to the ears of any low-income earner looking for their next bike. This bicycle is made using cardboard and features some recycled plastic in its parts. The cardboard results in a durable build that can withstand fire and resist water. It has a simple yet futuristic look and can carry riders weighing as much as 250lbs.


If you are an avid rider who likes to stand out when you take your bike out for a ride, the above bicycle models will make sure that heads will turn your way as cruise around the neighbourhood.


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