Yorkshire’s Most Unique Free Activities For Locals And Tourists Alike

Yorkshire's Most Unique Free Activities For Locals And Tourists Alike saltaire

Yorkshire’s Most Unique Free Activities For Locals And Tourists Alike

Yorkshire, a famed historic county known for its tea, pudding and Viking heritage. It’s so famous in fact, that people often think it’s an incredibly expensive region to visit, and believe that taking out some short term loans, which are only meant for financial emergencies, is the only way to enjoy the north east of England in it all of its glory. Well we’re here to prove that misconception wrong, here is Yorkshire’s most unique and free activities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.


The core filming location for the famous television show Peaky Blinders, Yorkshire is home to an abundance of beautiful Victorian architecture, not least Saltaire (pictured above), a quaint model village just outside of Bradford.

Saltaire is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and its small terraced cottages that cluster around the Salts Mill, a former textile factory turned art gallery, make it one of Britain’s most treasured architectural gems. What’s more, there’s no entry fee so you can take a trip back in time to the 1800’s without spending a single penny.

Hackfall Woods

The Hackfall Woods is a peaceful patch of woodland just outside of Masham at the very edge of the Yorkshire Dales, set inside a steep gorge; it is the perfect location for relaxation, reflection and repose.It is an ancient 120 acre long stretch of forest with grottos, glades, rustic temples, waterfalls and follies to explore completely free of charge.

Also, Hackfall is a fascinating location for a budding naturalist, an official Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI); it has a large number of birds, insects, plants and invertebrates that call the patch of woodland home.

Yorkshire's Most Unique Free Activities For Locals And Tourists Alike whitby abbey

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

The atmospheric dilapidated Whitby Abbey ruins oversee the seaside town of Whitby. Situated near West Cliff beach, the gothic ruins are theorised by some to be the main inspiration behind the infamous castle which features in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The monastery was first founded in the 7th century; however the majority of the components that still stand today are from the shell of the 13th century Benedictine restoration, which occurred after the Norman Conquest. The Abbey is only accessible by 199 stone steps, so it’s quite the trek, but once you arrive it will be well worth the exertion of energy and the price of admission which is completely free.

Farndale Daffodil Walk

A guide to the British countryside wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to some kind of beautiful flora and that’s where the Farndale Daffodil Walk comes in. Thousands of the flowers canvassed across the wooded banks along the River Dove create quite the remarkable spectacle.

The golden gleam stretches along for three and a half miles from the Low Mil to Church Houses and back, as for the best time to travel, well daffodils tend to flourish between mid-March and April so try to visit at the beginning of Spring.

So there you have it, Yorkshire’s most unique free activities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, we hope that next time you travel to the beautiful north east of England that you use this article as a valuable resource so that your bank balance doesn’t take too much of a hit.


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