Tenpin, Leeds – Review

Tenpin Leeds Bowling

By @Steve Crabtree

The bowling alley at the Merrion Centre has been there for decades, and its recent refurb has made sure that it’s still going to be there for years and years to come.

We went along for a few games at the newly-named Tenpin, to check out the new look. And when you walk, you notice the change immediately. It’s impressive. The venue has been transformed in to a bright, funky and exciting place. Neon everything from walls to seats and signs, and the latest video arcade games to welcome you through the door.

It’s clean and bright, and when your average tenpin bowling venue can look very 90s, aged and dreary, Tenpin offers you somewhere that you want to come back to time and again.

There’s a nice atmosphere here too. We spot a couple of families, a group who’d just finished work, and some teens enjoying some time with their friends. It was time to get our game on…

Tenpin Leeds Bowling

“A load of fun”

It’s been so long since I had a game of tenpin bowling, that I was shocked to find you don’t have to hire the shoes anymore. But then I remember queuing up for footwear that hundreds of others had worn before me. No thanks…my own trainers are just fine thanks!

Tenpin is host to 26 bowling lanes. It has state-of-the-art flat screen monitors and your games are controlled by touch-screen consoles. Easy to use consoles. A nice touch is the ability to add your name and a selfie to your scoreboard. There’s daft poses, pouts and faces everywhere in the building tonight!

Before we started, my friend and I went through the “let’s just have a laugh” chat. But there’s something that happens when you take your first shot isn’t there? That competitive bowling thing that ALWAYS takes over! And we absolutely went for it – taking things far too seriously for our own health!

That’s tenpin bowling for you though. The game has never changed, it’s still a load of fun, but you still want to win! For the record, I narrowly lost. Four games to three. But I enjoyed coming second place – and got a bit of a physical workout too (code for I hurt a bit the next day!)

Tenpin Leeds Bowling

“A good place for all your social occasions”

Throughout the game we tried some of the food that Tenpin has to offer. They have a range of diner style options (it’s an American sport after all, y’all!) suitable for everyone. Burgers, fries, chicken, nachos…nice fuss-free grub. I really enjoyed the veggie bean burger. It provided much needed mid-game energy booster, washed down with a bottle of Corona or two.

The service at Tenpin is terrific too. In manager Christian and his team, they’ve got friendly faces in the place who enhance your experience a little bit more.

But it isn’t just knocking down pins that you can do while you’re here. Before or after you’ve smashed out a few strikes, we noticed that you can have a game of pool on an American sized table. Or maybe even have a game of Footbowl on the UK’s only footbowl pitch.

Tenpin’s a good place for all your social occasions, and somewhere that the family can enjoy. You and your mates could always start here for a bit of a change if you’re having a night out. And as you’re in the Arena quarter, some pre-gig games and beers could be a good idea too.

So, if you’re tempted I’d recommend booking yourself in for a game.  Tenpin offer an abundance of bowling deals, including Eat n’Play offers, Family Deals, and 50% off on Tuesdays.

Tenpin Leeds, 13 Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8BT
0113 242 0883


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