Why is camping in the south of France the best vacation plan?


Going on vacation as a family or as a couple is a wonderful experience, whether you decide to go to the countryside, the beach or the mountains, it is surely an ideal plan that everyone will enjoy. Although, if you are one of the most adventurous, camping will surely be your first option, nothing beats being able to have direct contact with nature and with the fresh breeze that hits the leaves of the trees. 

This is a travel possibility that can be lived in the south of France and of which, we will tell you more details below.

France is the preferred destination in Europe for camping

We can guess why camping in the south of France with Canvas Holidays is one of the favorite options of natives and tourists, it turns out that they only offer the best of the best: splendid views, crystal clear beaches and outdoor walks or excursions where everything that surrounds is nature. 

These are camps designed for all tastes, whether you prefer the comforts and eccentricity or are more relaxed, without so much luggage and less luxurious. Whichever camping offer you decide to hire, the South of France will not disappoint you. 

This area has the most complete tourist complexes and beautiful villas with all the necessary resources and services to make you feel comfortable, each of them always surrounded by green nature and forests that seem to disappear in the depths.

Aquitaine is the first destination to visit in the south of France

Aquitaine is an extensive coastline in the south of France of more than 200 km of crystal clear waters that almost make up a single beach. Around it, a series of perfect places have been built for visitors to rest and enjoy, you can find restaurants, inns and in the background an extensive green color that dominates the landscape. 

It is quite an experience camping in Aquitaine, you arrive by boat and immediately enter a rural area that seems hidden, with gastronomy that leans towards dishes with goat cheese and wine.

It is a region with few inhabitants but with a lot of style and recreational activities, its main attraction is the open spaces that allow the practice of hiking, walks and sightings of the sunset when the afternoon falls. Despite not being well known, Aquitaine is a magical place, with a very marked culture and perfect for a few well-deserved days of rest away from the noise of the city.

Activities you can do when camping in France

Those who decide to get rid of the routine, in general, look for simple accommodations but with multiple possibilities for outdoor activities or that allow them to spend pleasant time with the family. 

Staying in the south of France is much more than being surrounded by cool forests and feeling close to the beach, it is an area where you can go fishing, go to the spa for a relaxing massage or have an afternoon of fun in the aquatic parks. 

Many of the camping sites in this region have a five-star rating, since, apart from all of the above, some of them even have their own golf course. And as if that were not enough, at nightfall the restaurants are filled with light and the typical dishes take their place, the food is delicious and is always accompanied by fireworks.


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