Where Are The Cheapest Airport Car Parks in Yorkshire?


One of the things we tend to think about when we book a flight abroad is where we’re going to park. Long stay parking can bring a significant drain on resources so, if you’re looking to save some money, it pays to shop around.

Research from My Late Deals reveals which airports have the cheapest and most expensive car parks. Whether you travel regularly or just get on a plane for that special annual holiday, it’s a good idea to check what you are going to be charged beforehand.

Comparing a standard two-week stay at all the UK’s airports, the research by My Late Deals found that two of Yorkshire’s finest feature in their list of the cheapest places to leave your car while you go off and enjoy some sun, sand and sangria.

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Airports

While Edinburgh featured as the cheapest airport car park with a cost of just £43.99 for a two-week stay, both Leeds Bradford and Doncaster Sheffield faired pretty well too, coming in 7th and 4th respectively as the cheaper options on the list.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Just a few miles from the centre of Leeds, there’s been an airport here since 1931 and it’s unique in that it’s the highest in the UK with an elevation of 681 ft. The airport handles some 4 million passengers a year, travelling directly to many European destinations as well as far-flung locations via connecting flights such as New York, Dubai and Tokyo.

If you are looking for a modern, accessible airport, Leeds Bradford has plenty of amenities and the car parking charge for two weeks comes in at a creditable £66.00.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

This is part of Peel Airports and is the UK’s newest development, handling 1.3 million passengers in 2017. The airport is surrounded by great road links including the M62, M1 and the A1 to Scotland. Like Leeds Bradford, Doncaster Sheffield offers destinations to many European cities as well as more exotic locations such as Barbados and Florida in the USA.

Again, there are great modern facilities at Doncaster Sheffield and the car parking charge is only £62.49 for a two-week stay.

The Most Expensive Airports to Park

You won’t be surprised to learn that the further south you go, the more expensive it can be.  London City tops the list of the most expensive at just a shade over £196. Manchester is about half that at £104.99. Surprisingly, Stanstead London is one of the cheaper southern airports with a charge of £59.99 for a two-week stay.

My Late Deals looked at parking costs on websites for all the major UK airports and compared the cheapest option for each. They submitted the exact same dates and time for each entry and the prices are accurate up to the 2nd May 2019.

If you’re looking for value for money and need to take car parking into account when you book your next holiday abroad, it always make sense to shop around and find the best prices.


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