Vacation Rental Hacks and Tips

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Vacation rentals are growing in popularity, and why wouldn’t they? They’re more accessible than ever before thanks to the ease of finding and renting them via agencies online. They also offer you the chance to really merge into the local landscape, rather than being cooped up in a “resort hotel” or similar. Not to mention the fact that they are frequently far more affordable for families and large groups. That said, there are also some unique challenges when it comes to vacation rentals. Here are our best pro-tips and life hacks for vacation rentals!

Rent Through a Reputable Agency, and Double Check the Listing in Detail

First, rent through a reputable agency, whatever you do. Then you have another layer of protection if the rental isn’t what you were expecting. Individual renters often don’t check up on their properties frequently enough to ensure that their listings are 100% accurate. However, reputable agencies carefully vet renters and their listings, because they want to protect their reputation.

Check Availability… And Then Check it Again

Check the availability of the rental you’re looking at online… and then contact the property owners or agency to double-check it. A rental marked unavailable may have opened up, but not been updated. A rental marked available may have been booked, but not updated. It’s always a good idea to message your contact directly to ensure that that a unit is or isn’t available. Enjoy Mexico Punta Mita, for example, is always ready to confirm dates of availability.

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Get Your Questions Answered Before Booking

Speaking of direct contact, any reputable agency will welcome any questions you have before booking. Listings are great, but they rarely are able to answer all of your questions. A good booking agency is not only going to tolerate your questions but actually welcome them. Why? Because they want to make certain that their guests have an ideal stay, and that means meeting their expectations. No matter how trivial your question may seem, it’s worth contacting the renter or agency ahead of time to see what they have to say. If they’re not responsive or helpful, that’s a red flag.

Check Your Maps App

Before you book, map the address online or on your smartphone. Bookings love to exaggerate things like “minutes to downtown,” etc. If the listing doesn’t show the full address, contact the renter or agency to find out what it is. It’s another red flag if they refuse to tell you. While you’re checking out the distance to downtown and other attractions, take a look at the street view, as well, and compare it to what you see in the listing.

Pack All of Your Necessities

Hotels usually provide some minimal amount of toiletries. That’s not always the case when it comes to rentals. You might even want to bring along your own extension cord or power strip, if plugs are limited. That’s another good question to ask the renter.

A vacation rental is a great way to unwind, but it’s even better if you’re well-prepared!


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