Seven Unusual Types of Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Yorkshire

Seven Unusual Types of Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Yorkshire main

For many dog lovers, the very idea of taking a holiday or short break without their four-legged friend is nothing short of unthinkable. After all, Fido is part of the family and you wouldn’t even offer a passing thought to the notion of leaving any other family member behind, would you?

While that may all be well and good, some landlords are not always so accommodating when it comes to your furry friends.

This state of affairs poses certain problems for dog owners who can’t bear to be separated from their best friend, and it is to this end that we address the following perusal of our seven unusual types of dog-friendly accommodation in Yorkshire.


Country cottages have long been ideal locations for short breaks and holidays in the Yorkshire countryside. Many of these are dog-friendly and offer all the comforts of home and sometimes more besides.

From hot tubs and en-suites to hip baths and designer kitchens, you get to choose just how much luxury you and your pooch can handle. If you want outdoors, Yorkshire cottages can provide it aplenty with a choice of cottages in some of the most secluded spots on the UK mainland.

If you prefer to take your well-earned breaks in the style to which you have hopefully become accustomed, pet friendly cottages in Yorkshire may be the way to go.

Shepherds Huts

If having read the above heading you are already thinking rotting tumbled down derelict wooden buildings, which have long since been abandoned by ageing shepherds, you need to indulge in some serious and prompt unthinking.

Think instead, luxury accommodation with fully equipped kitchens, soft comfy beds and plenty of outdoor seating. Think also about easy to clean wooden floors, hot tubs and dog-friendly landlords who have created the ideal spaces for both you and your pooch.

Set within the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, these shepherd’s huts have been purpose-built with log burning stoves modern insulation and the benefit of all the comforts of home. While having easy access to main routes, many of these dog-friendly accommodations are also just far enough away from the hustle and bustle.

Seven Unusual Types of Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Yorkshire pooch

Railway Carriages

Forget the daily commute and scruffy litter-strewn stations, several specialist accommodation companies now offer the bygone charms of a more sedate and gentile age in the form of converted railway carriages. The really good news is that Boris the Bassett and Polly the Poodle are also welcome to stay with you.

The interiors of these lovingly converted and cast-off rolling stocks have been tastefully renovated to provide comfortable seating, dining and sleeping arrangements which are a far cry from the cramped and noisy sleeper berths of yesteryear.

Set within pretty disused stations, these dog-friendly homes on rails occupy some of the most scenic spots along what were once some of Yorkshire’s prettiest rail routes. With the great outdoors literally on your footplate, your best friends will have more sniffing space than you can lob a stick at.


Yes, we know what you are thinking already, how exactly do you get Ronnie the 12 stone Rottweiler up into the trees without reactivating that long-forgotten hernia? Well, you needn’t worry, because these particular accommodations are much closer to luxury living than they are to Tarzan’s treetop hideout.

Easy steps, close proximity to the ground and modern interiors all come with the territory when you and your four-legged friend choose to go glamping in the wooded regions of Yorkshire. With the great outdoors right there in front of his nose, your best friend won’t need to exert himself unduly either when indulging in his daily jog

The rustic charm of this type of accommodation naturally lends itself to four-legged visitors with large outdoor decking areas, natural timber floors and solid wood kitchens.


Moving from the doghouse to the boathouse in one smooth motion may not be such a bad idea, especially in the case of some of Yorkshire’s more accommodating waterfront abodes. Dog-friendly boathouses offer stunning river or estuary views, along with the highest levels of luxury accommodation.

From interesting features such as lower levels which are underwater when the tide rises and panoramic roof terraces to the luxury of en-suite accommodation, these are just a few of the features you can expect.

If you and Fido enjoy long walks along a waterfront landscape, a boathouse in Yorkshire is likely to tick all the boxes. Wide-open spaces, fresh air and dog-friendly accommodation all come as standard when you choose this option.

Seven Unusual Types of Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Yorkshire canal

Canal Boats

If your idea of a relaxing break involves chugging idly along the waterways of Yorkshire, a canal boat holiday is likely to be a wise choice. For some inexplicable reason, dogs seem to love the idea of running up and down the length of these steel-hulled leviathans for hours on end.

With miles of remote canal paths only a few inches away at any given moment, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air is going to be one thing you won’t need to worry about. Accommodation inside these waterborne habitats provides all the comforts of home with the added twist of doing everything lengthways.


Encompassing a wide range of accommodation which includes anything from timber buildings to luxurious barn conversions, dog-friendly lodges in Yorkshire offer the ideal country getaway. As with the aforementioned cottages, these lodges offer every luxury and the only limiting factor is the size of your budget.

With the option to choose from copious amounts of outdoor space, convenient locations and even housekeeping services, you and your furry friend can live in the lap of luxury should you so choose to. From villages and market towns to remote settings where you will only have each other for company, these luxury lodges will tick all of your boxes.

Making an Informed Choice

Whatever you decide upon, it will all come down to what works best for you and your furry friend. If you have a larger dog, walking may be a top priority, while many smaller breeds can get all the exercise they need by running riot indoors.

One thing that you can be sure of is that Yorkshire is brimming over with friendly and accommodating places when it comes to animals, which may go some way towards explaining why there are so many great options available.


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