Things To Do When Parking at Luton Airport

Things To Do When Parking at Luton Airport main

If you want to take the chance of getting cheap and safe parking in London, you’ll find it at Luton Airport parking. To park at the official airport, you need to do the booking first, and that’s normally online.

Book early

For Luton airport parking, you need to book early to get a good price. Booking early for airport parking can save more than 70 percent of the costs.


Whatever the price you are paying for the parking at Luton Airport, the value services there are worth the price. Once you have parked your car there you can be free from all the stress, and you won’t find cheaper rates than Luton parking is offering.

Closer parks to the terminal

Parking your car at the official parking of the airport would save time, and you can be on time for the flight. The parking is available just three minutes from the Airport Terminal. To get back to your car or to reach terminal it is free for car parking customers.

Things to do near Luton Airport

Once you have done the parking at Luton airport, there is plenty do there until it’s time for your flight.

Things To Do When Parking at Luton Airport food

1. Eat

You can have a meal when you are waiting for your flight. There are about 20 eateries, and you can select ones that include kiosks or sit-down bars and restaurants, including Frankie & Benny’s, Benugo and Pub & Kitchen – there is a Starbucks too, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee. All these options are open even late at night and there is also a grocery store that’s open 24 hours. Once you have parked your car at the airport parking and there is a time until  your flight, what can can be better than enjoying a good meal.

2. Lounge

Aspire lounge is open for everyone flying from Luton airport, regardless of the flight timing, or flight class. You just have to pay once for food, wifi, drinks and showers in the Aspire lounge. The environment there is calm and relaxing. To gain entry to Aspire lounge at Luton Airport, you can make an online booking, or you can enquire about lounge membership

3. Shopping

You can kill some time by shopping at Luton airport. You’ll get everything that could normally be available, including newsstands, pharmacies and duty-free, which includes MAC makeup or simply buy new shades for your holiday.

Things To Do When Parking at Luton Airport shopping

4. Sightseeing

Sightseeing is a good option if you have more time. There are sightseeing spots near to the airport or you can try public transport for this purpose once you have parked your car. You can get an airport transfer facility to reach the railway station and visit London city centre in a short span of time. You can visit the river, London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London. Other places to visit for shoppers include Mayfair, Portobello Road and Convent Garden. Buckingham Palace is a world famous place for a visit.

5. WiFi

There is 24/7 wi-fi facility at Luton airport where you can be connected to your family and friends. You can continuously update your social media accounts and do anything you want to do on the wi-fi. There is, however, a time limit to wi-fi use at the airport and, once it expires, you’ll need to pay for additional access.

Can you stay overnight at Luton airport?

Luton Airport is the best place to kill time during the night. There’s a lot of things to do – you can sleep, eat, shop and do everything available there. You can rest comfortably at the arrival halls at the airport. There may be trouble for you to find a hall for free as free seats there are limited and you have to pay for seats and sofas. You can pay for the waiting hall by booking online or do a card or cash payment once you are at the airport. Hotels around the airport usually have cheap rates.

Things To Do When Parking at Luton Airport stewardess


Left luggage office is at the airport, located in the public area. You can keep your luggage there and roam around. This service is available for 24 hours.

Restrooms, drinking and eating

You have several options for eateries, even at night, that are open in the public area.  You can stay in the paid restrooms too and there are showers in the VIP lounge at the airport.

Other services

The other night services include ATM, bureaus, currency exchange, play area for children, praying areas and more.


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