The Best Stag Do Plans in the UK

The Best Stag Do Plans in the UK main

Your best friend is getting hitched and you, as nominated best man need to come up with the ultimate stag do that will be talked about for decades to come. The best send-offs tend to be stag weekends in the UK rather than one drunken night out as these tend to be much like any other night out. Here, you should aim high and create the stage weekend to end all stag weekends. As best man this is your duty!

So, how to do it?

Stag do Activities are Key to a Great Stag Weekend

The best way to approach organising a stag do is to focus on an activity, preferably one the groom likes to do. To make it easy companies like make it very easy to find and book activities and are worth checking out.

Let’s look at a few of the options.


If the soon to be husband is a fan of getting out on the green and scoring a hole in one this is for you. There are plenty of good locations for golfing weekends. Most golf courses offer highly playable courses and for a group of friends, this can be perfect. Many are situated very close to good nightlife so spending the day on a golf course and the night partying is an easily realisable dream.


Cycling is one of the most popular activities in the world and whether you want an off-road or on-road challenge, this can be a great activity to do on a stag weekend. Like golfing it is more catered to the groom that enjoys it as a hobby rather than something new to try. As an activity, however, it is a real winner with some beautiful locations to try.

The Best Stag Do Plans in the UK shotgun

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Archery

You may feel, however, that taking on activities that you do not normally do is the way forward. As guys, we all like shooting things and in these more ethical times, it is best if the targets were not living and breathing. As such, being Robin Hood or The Green Arrow is very appealing as is shooting moving clay targets. One for you to think about.

Engage the Taste Buds

As well as physical activities and depending on the groom’s passions, you may want something sedate. Local brewery sampling fills this void wonderfully. Any real ale drinker will tell you that this is not an activity but a way of life and good stag weekend providers will have great brewery tours up their sleeve.

Location Location Location

Once you’ve decided on an activity it only remains for you to decide on the location. If you want an adventure it is good to get away from your usual haunts and get out and enjoy the land. Although there are plenty of good counties to visit, Yorkshire activities are always a winner thanks to the county’s rugged landscape and commitment to high quality food and drink.

All that remains to be said is that whatever you do and wherever you go ensure that the groom has a weekend that will go down in history. Good luck!


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