Leeds is Bringing New Music Like Never Before

Leeds is Bringing New Music Like Never Before main

Leeds has a rich musical history, and some of the best British acts ever originated within the city. With new music and genres finding a place in listeners’ ears and breaking the old rules of the music industry, there has never been a better time for new artists. This has clearly been identified by Leeds musicians, with one Hebden Bridge academic actually undertaking a study into why so much new innovative music is arriving from Leeds. With new music comes gigs, and the city is currently booming with small, independent events and shows that are underpinning the indie music wave – and for good reason.

Breaking down barriers

Digital technology has been decried by some as a negative force in music, but for new artists, it is absolutely breaking down barriers. High quality yet accessible sound system hire is now far more affordable and apparent than ever before, meaning that small artists can put on quality gigs and leave a lasting impression, both on fans and potential record label scouts in the area. The advent of digital music has also helped to create a buzz and promote new music. Earlier in November 2019, Leeds Live reported on a gargantuan list of indie music and bands that were currently doing the round within Leeds. Through Spotify, potential fans can simply stick the playlist on and get listening; when they find a good track, they can look up the artists, and more likely than not, find a gig in the local area to hear more. Digital technology has essentially driven music events to a more more accessible level, where anyone can get involved with little difficulty.

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Calling on heritage

Part of the reason that new acts are having so much fun with the Leeds scene is through the history the area is steeped in. Countless huge acts have made full use of the electric music scene in Leeds; The Who even chose the University of Leeds refectory as the place to record Live At Leeds, widely recognised as one of the greatest live albums of all time. Events planners and bands are looking to harness this sort of energy with every single gig. In much the way that Liverpool and Manchester are focused on and lauded for their musical history forming part of the cultural tapestry, so too does Leeds, with a big part of that focus landing on the quality of live performances.

Growth on the horizon

The success of Leeds indie events has clearly been well heard, as there are rumours of further new venues coming to the city. According to the Edinburgh Live newspaper, a private equity firm are looking at Leeds as a strong contender for a new 2,000 person venue that would rival most small and medium sized spots in the city already. Featuring high on their list of considerations is the buzz that the local area can offer, and the enthusiasm and range of talents that Leeds has to offer clearly features highly on that list. As long as new music keeps coming out of the city and new bands keep touring, that buzz is unlikely to go away – and the city will benefit from it as a whole.

More than anything else, Leeds’ music scene is famous for the electric enthusiasm of its fans and the live performances of the artists. The history of the city has bled in to new acts, and, right now, there is a range and quality of performance that hasn’t been heard in a good while. With more venues hitting the city, music lovers can look forward to plenty more awesome live experiences.


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