How to Feel More Confident About Going Abroad

How to Feel More Confident About Going Abroad main

With Covid restrictions slowly but surely easing up, you might be feeling ready to go on holiday. The world has changed so much between now and last summer. You may be feeling scared to book a flight. However, rest assured there are so many new measures in place to make your journey as safe as possible. All members of staff – both in the air and on the ground – will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.

Digital Check-In

You can make life much easier for yourself before you’ve even arrived at the airport. Most airlines offer a digital check-in option, and this will cut down on the number of people you have to interact with. Not to mention having the boarding pass on your phone is a much more hygienic option. If you only travel with hand luggage, you can also save another interaction. Plus cut down the time you spend in the airport when you arrive abroad.

Fellow Passengers

You’ll probably notice the airport is a lot quieter than you’re used to. Flights are now socially distanced so there are fewer people on board. This means you can fly comfortably, knowing that each airline is following strict safety guidelines. Make sure to keep socially distancing while you’re at the airport, too. The world is opening back up and you can take your pick from countries. Not sure where to go? Choosing an escorted tour of Italy is a great option. Europe has proven to be a popular destination. In a recent travel survey, nearly half of the correspondents said they had plans to visit.

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Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask is now a requirement to wear before, during, and after your flight. Remember wearing a mask is about keeping those around you safe. Lots of people still want to travel. The survey above showed a third of customers want to travel by the end of this year. The more people who follow the rules, the more the spread of the virus gets controlled, and the sooner things can go back to normal.

Plane Protocols

Flying is the safest mode of public transport you can take during the coronavirus outbreak. Airlines have followed a strict cleaning protocol and this gone up tenfold since Covid. Even the air is constantly cleaned. Thanks to a filter there is fresh air every three to five minutes. You can also expect to get your temperature checked before you’re on board. In the survey mentioned, none of the consumers said they wouldn’t travel again. Going abroad is still an option for you, and you’ll be in safe hands for your journey.

Even though travelling is different, it’s still an exciting prospect that you have a chance to see the world again. Where would you like to go on your first trip abroad?


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