How Are Australia And New Zealand Alike, And How Are They Different?


Whenever looking at New Zealand and Australia, there are numerous clear similarities and differences that appear. In truth, these two countries are oftentimes confused and many do not really understand what happens in them because of cultural differences when comparing with their own country. 

Fortunately, there are not many very important similarities and differences that can be highlighted when looking at Australia and New Zealand. Those that have to be considered as being the ones you have to be aware of are presented below. 


Both New Zealand and Australia were Great Britain’s colonies in the past. These are island nations and are both located in the South Pacific area. There are actually many Australians that now live in New Zealand and citizens of NZ that stay in Australia. 

Both of these countries are highly interested in sports, with the top options being soccer, cricket, and rugby. The most common foods ate are potatoes and lamb. In addition, it has to be mentioned that there is a very large population of Chinese people in these countries as they migrated there. You can even find them employed by utility repairmen like Fix It Right Plumbing

The main language in both New Zealand and Australia is English. 


In Australia, you will find numerous endless sandy beaches and deserts. In New Zealand on the other hand, you can find some of the most beautiful lakes, landscapes, and mountains you will ever see in your entire life. 

Initially, Australia was a place where convicts were taken to live, even if there were indigenous people that were there for literally thousands of years before colonists came. Great Britain sent a large part of its convicts to Australia. 

New Zealand is different because it was founded in order to spread Britain’s religious ideals. The country was inhabited by the Maori people. They came from the Eastern Polynesia region. At the same time though, there are more Maori that live in Australia, not in New Zealand. 

The GDP of Australia is nowadays higher than that of New Zealand. At the same time, you should know that the actual size of Australia is the same as that of the continental US. On the other hand, New Zealand has a size that is very similar to that of California. This is quite a large difference. 

Although English is the main language in these countries, you should be aware of the fact that accents are quite different. At times, it will feel as if two different languages are spoken. The Australian people are more creative when it comes to the language they use when compared to those from New Zealand. This includes a lot of sarcasm and even rhyming slang, together with quite a lot of swearing. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are similarities and differences between New Zealand and Australia. You can so easily end up thinking that these two are the same but it is always the differences that instantly stand out. You will surely love both countries if you visit though. 


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