Why your Next Holiday Should be a Staycation

Why your Next Holiday Should be a Staycation main

Few things beat the excitement of boarding a plane and jetting off to a far-flung land. However, political uncertainties and budgets mean that increasing numbers of people want to stay closer to home for their next holiday.

Yorkshire is a great place to enjoy a week or two in the summer; especially if the sun decides to make an appearance. Here are some ideas about what to do while you’re exploring the county, and what to ‘pack’ for your holiday near home.

Why your Next Holiday Should be a Staycation coast

Enjoying a break in Yorkshire – what are the perks?

Loads to do. There are plenty of great places to visit in Yorkshire. York alone has attractions aplenty – from the York dungeons to the Jorvik Centre, where you can get to grips with Viking history. The Yorkshire countryside is a peaceful haven for hikers and dog-walkers, and there are several other attractions too, such as Diggerland and Castle Howard.

Amazing nightlife. You’ll save lots of money from not booking a holiday abroad, which can then be spent on living the highlife while you’re staying in Yorkshire. It’s time to sample Leeds’ amazing clubs, bars and restaurants, or experience a night out in Sheffield or Rotherham. Always fancied trying that five-star eatery? Now’s the time to do it.

Have a beach holiday. Okay, so the Balearics have the idyllic sandy beaches, but there’s something about holidaying in Whitby that’s just as satisfying. The beaches are great for children, and once they’re bored of splashing in the sea, you can explore the town’s links with Dracula, not to mention clamber aboard a ship and set sail around the coast. Also, Ibiza’s paellas have nothing on Whitby’s fish and chips.

Enjoy a bit of everything. Yorkshire is one of the UK’s most varied counties. It’s got coastlines, historic cities, buzzing metropolises and amazing natural scenery. One great way to enjoy a staycation here is to hire a campervan and tour around for a week or two.

It’s a lot easier. Holidaying in the UK is a whole lot easier than travelling abroad. Instead of spending several hours on a plane, you can be at your destination in a matter of minutes. You’ve also got a lot more freedom to adjust your plans, depending on how you feel on the day; and you don’t have to fret about things like hand-luggage allowance or passport control.

Why your Next Holiday Should be a Staycation road

What to ‘pack’ to make it feel like a holiday

You’ve saved all that cash from not going abroad, which means you can make your Yorkshire stay really special. Consider the following:

Investing in a new summer wardrobe. Admittedly, you might not be able to wear that pretty new sundress if it’s raining; but now is definitely the time to flaunt that lightweight jacket or new pair of jeans. Alternatively, a fresh pair of hiking boots and thermals might be more appropriate.

Treating yourself to a new fragrance. Perfumes are evocative of holidays. If you’d like to bring a bit of the exotic to your Yorkshire staycation, invest in a fragrance that reminds you of warmer lands. Look for something with a hint of coconut or ylang ylang, or if you’d like to be (mentally) transported to Italy, search for something with citrus or bergamot. Copycat Fragrances have an excellent range to choose from.

Bringing a guidebook. This may seem like a silly suggestion if you live in Yorkshire, but taking a guidebook enables you to see the country with new eyes. There are likely to be several attractions and historic sites that you haven’t even heard of, not to mention some great recommendations for restaurants and pubs.


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