Why You Should Visit L’Ampolla and Tenerife

Why You Should Visit L'Ampolla and Tenerife main

Without a shadow of a doubt, Spain has extraordinary and unique places to visit. But when it comes to beaches, there are two sites, L’Ampolla and Tenerife, with so much natural beauty worthy to know and admire.

L’Ampolla and Tenerife have become one of the biggest tourist centres in the world and are enjoying exponential growth in terms of the services they offer tourists.

Tenerife is known internationally as the “island of eternal spring” for its pleasant and warm climate. It is one of the most visited sites worldwide. Tenerife’s beauty and nature reserves add a unique appeal – and the entertainment spaces have been created for the enjoyment of visitors.

L’Ampolla is another tourist destination in Spain that is worth visiting for its beautiful beaches and its interest in promoting eco-tourism. This destination can be a great choice for tourists who want fun, sand, sea, sun – plus bars & restaurants. L’Ampolla is also an excellent destination for kitesurfing and birdwatching.

Tenerife: a place for exceptional outdoor adventures

The natural scenery of Tenerife invites you to enjoy its tourist benefits to the fullest. Some companies such as Overfly Tenerife offer visitors the service of paragliding in Tenerife, and this makes it possible to get amazing Tenerife pictures.

Tenerife is a fantastic place as it can offer different experiences to couple, friends or families. Paragliding is perfect for viewing the best landscapes of this beautiful island, which has the largest area of the Canary Islands.

The main advantage of touring the skies of Tenerife is that the island allows people to fly to many places directly. You can fly from the north or the south and land on one of the incredible beaches that this place has.

What else can one do on this island?

Tenerife Island has something for every visitor, especially nature lovers. One of the must-see sights is the Teide National Park, which is the second most visited site in the world. It is centred on Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain and the highest volcano in the Atlantic Ocean.

Touring the Anaga Rural Park should also be part of the itinerary. The magic of its forests is impressive, the bewitching effect of the fog in the morning, and the light will leave tourists captivated. You should know that Anaga Rural Park is one of the most beautiful and oldest areas in this Island, Tenerife.

Visiting the town of San Cristóbal de la Laguna, former capital city of Tenerife, is also something tourists should not overlook. San Cristóbal de la Laguna is the only city in the Canary Islands declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, mainly because of its interesting history and colonial infrastructure. The town also contains a number of the island’s major religious buildings such as the Cathedral and several ancestral homes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Why You Should Visit L'Ampolla and Tenerife beach


L’Ampolla: a magnificent place to go on vacation

This former fishing village on the Catalan coast is another place in Spain that has evolved a lot in terms of tourism services. Its natural beauty and crystalline beaches attract many tourists per year.

Therefore, to enjoy a dream vacation in L’Ampolla, you need to rent villas in Catalonia. Catalan Ways, www.catalanways.com, is a home and holiday company that offers different accommodation options for families, friends, or couples to spend some great days in this Catalan area.

These companies dedicated to the rental of villas, houses and apartments in L’Ampolla not only take care of the accommodation of visitors but also guarantee tourists other services related to the visit to the most characteristic sites of Catalonia. It also allows people to participate in different entertainment activities.

In this way, the tourists only worry about enjoying the sun, the beach and the sand in the wonderful nature reserves of L’Ampolla.

What else do these tourist companies offer the traveller?

One of the most attractive services that these tourist companies guarantee to the traveller is the GPS unit. With this equipment, the visitors are able to discover the most picturesque places in Catalonia. This makes it possible for the tourists to visit museums, cross rivers or taste the excellent wine in the many cellars.

Canyoning is one of the most popular activities of this place. This invites tourists to interact with nature in an exciting and entertaining way. Additionally, visitors can jump into crystalline rock pools, as well as dive and swim in a frozen river in the mountain.

These tourist companies are registered agents, meaning that people can easily visit all of the most famous and best theme parks in the area.

The final verdict

It should be noted that there are plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful island of Tenerife, which has attractive sites and natural landscapes that will leave the visitor delighted and with the desire to discover it in its entirety.

While L’Ampolla is not far behind with its exciting fishing village history, the turquoise blue of its waters and magnificent accommodations to relax that are located throughout Catalonia.


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