Why Rent a Car on Your Next Vacations to the Costa del Sol?

Why Rent a Car on Your Next Vacations to the Costa del Sol main

There are many solutions for travelling around on holiday: bus, train, taxi, etc – and each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. Car rental is another option – and is possibly the best way to enjoy the Costa del Sol.

Perhaps in your early trips abroad you preferred the cheapest transport and gave very little importance to comfort. But as the years roll by, you started using more and more rental cars because with young children, public transportation is not necessarily the smartest choice.

Here are 7 car rental advantages

Even if previously the rental of a car was not really part of your travel philosophy, perhaps now you can see many benefits – and in Malaga you’ll find it is the perfect tourist guide.

No restrictions per hour

The main advantage of car rental is that it is free of all time restrictions. Of course, if you travel by bus or train, you will depend on the departure times, which can sometimes be an inconvenience. This is more apparent when with children: the car helps with naps and better respects the family lifestyle.

Fast movements

The car is a means of rapid transportation when compared to others. Public transport necessitates many stops and plenty of waiting times with loading and unloading of the luggage. If your time is limited in the Costa del Sol, you will save valuable time with a car hire like https://www.delpasocarhire.com/ that can offer you the best service in the region at a reasonable price.

Why Rent a Car on Your Next Vacations to the Costa del Sol rental

An economical solution

Contrary to what you might think, car rental can often be economically sensible. You can always find very competitive rates for car rentals in Malaga, so work out the numbers and perhaps you will realise that renting a car is not necessarily a more expensive solution than public transport. Also remember that the buses will drop you off at the bus station and then it’s likely you will have to pay a taxi or other means to get to your accommodation. In this case, keep in mind the service of for example https://www.driveeyou.com/.

Ideal for visits

This is a major asset of car rental: freedom for visitors. Without a car, you may need to take day trips or rely on local transportation. These have a cost and are run to strict times. So if you want to take your time and explore, stop when you want to eat, have a drink, relax, take a picture etc it’s not always possible.

Travel insurance

The security of travelling in your own car, confident in your own driving, is very important. Compare this to the perils of putting your life in the hands of a fatigued coach driver, or an over enthusiastic taxi driver!

Allow more meetings

At the beginning of this article we said that car rental was perhaps not part of your travel philosophy, mainly because you thought that by using local transportation, you were more in touch with local life and the natives. This is partly true because in most transports you will be with most foreign travellers. But the car saves you time: you can take advantage of this to spend more time with the locals and go to all the destinations in the Costa del Sol, discover more aspects of their lives, traditions, culture and the local gastronomy.

So rent a car and drive safe with your family members – it’s the best way to enjoy the coastline of the Costa del Sol. Turn on the radio with your favourite music, sing along with the family and keep your personal gadgets at hand.


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