Why Everyone Should Experience a Safari Once in Their Life

Why Everyone Should Experience a Safari Once in Their Life main

We’ve all been moved and captivated by images of wild animals on our television screens. It’s gratifying to be part of a planet where there’s so much beauty and grandeur on display. But no television show, however immaculately produced, can really hope to compete with the real thing. And for this reason, safari holidays hold an appeal that’s hard to argue against.

The Big 5

On a good day spent touring the savannah, you’ll come across one of the big five. These are the largest and most impressive land animals on the planet: these are the Lion, the Leopard, the Rhinoceros, the Elephant, and the Buffalo. These animals are so unlike the ones we see in the wild in the UK that it’s difficult to process – and glimpsing them in their natural habitat is guaranteed to leave an impression. In many cases, you might be amazed at the differences in behaviour between wild animals and their zoo-confined counterparts.


Nowadays, we’re all amateur photographers and journalists. We don’t just go on holiday – we document them, too. And there are several advantages to this. Among the best of them is that all of those photographs you take will provide an invaluable source of nostalgia when you come to reflect on the time you spent with family and friends.

If you’re taking photography seriously, then taking a safari holiday is near-certain to provide you with an endless stream of subject matter. As well as the animals themselves, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, packed with majestic mountains, verdant forests, and plains that seem to stretch forever. Many lodges come equipped with wi-fi facilities, too; so you’ll be able to upload what you’ve captured for your friends back home to ogle at.


Part of the appeal of David Attenborough’s television shows is that they allow millions of people to see these animals up-close, without literally sending millions of people trampling through what might be a fragile habitat. Thus many nature-lovers are hesitant to book a safari trip.

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But the fact is that, in going on a safari holiday, you’re contributing to the preservation of these natural wonders. If a Safari lodge sits within a designated national park, then they’ll charge you a park fee at the end of your stay. You can think of this as the portion of your expenditure that goes directly to conservation efforts.

Supporting Communities

Tourism is a big driver for the local economy around safari parks. By spending your money carefully, you can help these communities to grow and thrive, and help encourage practices which bolster the environment and alleviate poverty. Plus, you’ll be able to pick up some authentic souvenirs in the process.


Any good safari break will be led by expert guides with unparalleled knowledge of the land you’ll be travelling through and the animals that live there. They’ll be able to provide a perspective that simply can’t be obtained by reading books and watching television shows. A good guide will make plenty of time to answer questions, so make sure that you have thought of them – as you won’t get another chance to ask – at least, that is, until you next go on your safari break!

If you’re looking to learn about animals and what they do, or you’ve got children with similar interests, then a trip of a lifetime will provide enormous amounts of information in a context that’s certain to sink in.


One of the purported downsides of a safari is that the experience is inconsistent. One day you might see a herd of elephants; the next day you might not. But for many, this is part of what makes the safari experience so compelling. You’re not going to be travelling around an enormous zoo, but a real habitat with creatures that do as they please. Thus, no two safari adventures are quite the same – and why would you have it any other way?


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