Top Sailing Holidays According to the People of Yorkshire

Top Sailing Holidays According to the People of Yorkshire croatia greece

Top Sailing Holidays According to the People of Yorkshire

The recent stretch of unseasonably warm weather that has hit Yorkshire – and the rest of the country too – has turned my attention, and the attentions of many other people, to what should be done for the 2017 summer holiday season.

As always there are many options to choose from. A local break around Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK, where sights can be seen whilst mingling with the locals, or week-long parties on distant sandy beaches where you can be sure that the sun will always be shining.

These two types of breaks are favourites of people in the UK. But there is the possibility of combining the two holiday forms into one. Why not cast-off and spend a week on a sailing holiday taking in the sights and meeting locals in small towns? And you can also drop your anchor and spend the evenings partying on beaches wherever in the world you decide to sail.

Top Sailing Holidays According to the People of Yorkshire croatia greece leeds

Top Sailing Holidays: “Freedom to see and do whatever you wish”

Should you take the plunge and charter a yacht this summer, there is an excellent chance that you will meet other like-minded people from Yorkshire, as recently found out by the leading yacht hire company Sailogy.

The recent research has put people from this fantastic county of ours as sitting in the top five places of all areas in the UK with an interest in sailing holidays alongside London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh.

With the freedom to see and do whatever you wish to without the restriction of a specific location (as when staying in a hotel) we can certainly see the reason why sailing holidays and yacht charters are so popular. We are taking a quick review of the top two sailing locations that Yorkshire holidaymakers have visited, and are planning to visit, this summer.

top sailing holidays yorkshire croatia sheffield

Croatia: “Countless islands and national parks, all of which are easily accessible”

Croatia has a perfect Mediterranean climate for yacht charters. This will allow you to sail up and down the almost 6,000 kilometres of beautiful coastlines and around the hundreds of islands that, similarly to Greece, offer their own unique experiences. Sailing up and down the coast of Croatia provides change on a continual basis. The most southerly section near Dubvrovnik offers the National Park island of Mljet, and Nature Park Lastovo archipelago, as well as some of the best food and drink that the country has to offer. While further north are the islands of Hvar, Vis and Brač with some of the best beaches, water sports and festivals anywhere in the Adriatic Sea.

The most northerly section of the country’s coastline sees countless islands and national parks, all of which are easily accessible, as well as the historical towns of Zadar, with a huge open Roman forum and 3000 years of history. Šibenik, which sits on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is famous for its fantastic cathedral.

Again, Croatia offers something for everyone and with an average price of just €2336 for an unforgettable eight person yacht charter Croatian sailing holiday, this works out at a tiny €40 per person. works out at a tiny €40 per person, per day. This means that you can explore all of these Croatian wonders for less than what it would cost to travel around the UK and holiday for a week!

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Greece: “A boat sleeping eight people costs less than €50 per person”

Offering 6,000 different islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas alone, of which only a minuscule 227 are inhabited, Greece and its islands offer almost limitless opportunities for exploration on a week-long yacht charter. The islands of Zakynthos, Corfu, Rhodes and Crete are well-known to UK holiday makers. But lesser known islands such as Delos (according to Greek mythology the birth place of Apollo, the god of music), Koufonissia and Andros offer ancient Greek ruins and peace and quiet away from the crowds of other islands. Plus, there is beautiful scenery and mountain walks aplenty. There is much more on offer on the thousands of other islands. So no matter what you want to see and do a sailing holiday, Greece is perfect for every single person.

As well as the islands there is, of course, the Greek capital of Athens. This offers countless numbers of marinas to dock in and explore one of the most culturally unique cities in the world. With its vast numbers of ancient sites, museums and religious sites, Athens will keep everyone looking to explore the world of the ancient Greeks occupied for a longer time frame than your week long holiday will allow!

The best thing about a sailing holiday to Greece is the price. A boat sleeping eight people costs less than €50 per person, per night. So on average, not only can you explore the old world, but at a price that won’t break the bank too!

With countries and cultures like these to visit and it being so cheap to do so, it is no surprise that more and more people from Yorkshire are spending their summers on sailing holidays.


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